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Getting Started: Creating your Personal Brand

You know that creating your personal brand is important. But, like many others in network marketing or direct sales you’re not sure where to start. By no means am I a branding expert however, I have a great handle on what works getting started.

It’s funny, when I first started creating my own personal brand years ago .. it was all about the visuals, right? I knew I wanted certain colors, fonts, imagery, etc. and I became narrow focused on that’s what having a brand meant.

As a result, although things ‘looked‘ the way I wanted them too — so much still felt like it was missing.

I want to help you with a few preliminary things to consider when creating your personal brand (or recreating it) to help you avoid the hurdles I faced along the way.

Because guess what? There is so MUCH MORE to your brand than its visual appeal.

Why Put Effort into Creating your Personal Brand?


In the simples of explanations … your brand is essentially the face of your business. Without a face, you don’t stand out from the crowd. A brand helps to differentiate itself in crowded marketplaces including on social media.

Branding builds credibility and establishes trust between businesses and its customers. It’s what entices people to buy from you in the first place, and keeps them coming back for more in the future.

A personal brand applies to any and all business and as I mentioned above, so much more than the visual aesthetics.

Let’s look at McDonalds for a moment; 

The McDonald’s identity starts with the golden arches. Or, its slogan ‘I’m loving it!’.

What do you think of when you see that logo or hear the name? If you’re like me, you might think of Ronald McDonald. Where others, imagine the tastes and smell of a Big Mac and those salty signature fries.

Regardless of what you think of, McDonald’s has established a global brand.

Everyone knows exactly what to expect from this company — everywhere in the world. They’ve been the go-to fast food chain for years and years (even with negative press along the way).

This expectation also relates to their employees and franchise owners. McDonald’s is a turn key system and has set the benchmark in a lot of businesses that have come after it.

Do you think their efforts in creating a brand paid off? I’d say that’s a HUGE yes.

Let’s Start with the Basics …


Step One: What is the purpose of your brand?


Sure, we’re in business to earn income but this shouldn’t define your purpose. Your purpose stems from the impact you want to create, the people you want to serve and WHY you want to do those things. When you’ve clearly established your purpose,  you can formulate this into a mission statement which can act as the foundation that everything your business is built upon.

Dig deep here.

Make plenty of notes.

Consult with a coach or mentor.

Take action on defining your purpose and developing your mission statement.

Step Two: Who is your target audience?


Identifying your target audience (or customer avatar) is among the most important steps in creating your personal brand. Although we believe overall our business can serve everyone … not everyone feels the same way (and that’s OK!).

Think about the people your products or services or opportunity can serve. The more detailed you can be in discovering who your target audience is, the more effective your messaging will become. Because, let’s not lose sight of the fact that branding is a form of marketing, right? So you NEED to know who you’re speaking to.

Otherwise, the content you create, the videos you produce or the prospects you reach out to … are far too general to deliver on the conversion you want to see. Consider your target audience your sweet spot in business — figuring out who they are allows you to create the things they WANT to see.

Step Three: Have you considered your brand voice?


Since you have taken time (or will take the time) to identify your target audience, the next step in creating your personal brand is your brand voice. Think about how you want it to ‘sound‘. Is your brand meant to be;

  1. Entertaining?
  2. Professional?
  3. Casual?
  4. Compassionate?
  5. Comical?


Your brand voice should be a combination of who you are and who you want to serve. Verbiage matters when it comes to your content, right? This isn’t any different when it comes to your brand voice. All of the content you put out there for your audience should be in a consistent voice. This includes your social media posts, videos, copy, blogs, newsletters, etc.

Consistency always wins — so be sure that you are creating a brand voice that fits YOU.

Step Four: Share your Brand Story


Your brand story encompasses the three steps we’ve previously discussed above. Treat your brand story as the extended version of the “why” or purpose in your mission statement.

This explanation of why you’re in business should appeal to your target audience while being expressed in your brand voice.

Your brand story is what your audience will connect to far beyond their need a product or service.

Your products are not totally unique to the marketplace — sure they have their own edge I’m sure — but it’s a fair assumption that you aren’t the only person out there sharing these products, right?

So, why should customers buy from you? And more importantly, why should they keep coming back?

Customers CONNECT to stories (it’s often why they purchase in the first place). Give them something to connect to when creating your personal brand — share YOUR story!

Overall, without branding, your business will just be another nameless and faceless organization. People won’t be able to pick you out of the crowd, and thriving (or surviving) will be a struggle.

But your creating your personal brand can do incredible things for a business.

Be sure to visit next week where I’ll share the next 4 steps to creating your personal brand — focusing more on the aesthetics side of things. So in the mean time, knock out these 4 steps so you’re ready to GO!.


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creating your personal brand