create more engagement in your Facebook Groups

How to Create More Engagement in your Facebook Groups

Are you a network marketer who has created a Facebook Group for your customers or prospects? I’m sure it seemed like a great idea at the time, right? However, does it start to feel more like a ghost town vs. a rocking community? Or, maybe your group looks more like a product catalogue? Either way, you know something has to change. So, in today’s post I want to help you create more engagement in your Facebook Groups.

See, we know engagement helps our visibility on the newsfeed — and the more we show up on the feed the better it is for our business.

Create More Engagement in your Facebook Groups!


Now remember, these suggestions are designed for those people already in your groups. They’re designed to create more engagement within the group not recruit people into your group (more content on that is on the site for you though on that!) Don’t hesitate to tweak some of the suggestions to best suit your niche, you know your community better than anyone.

However, each strategy can be applied.

Use Open Ended Questions


The more you can use prompts and open ended questions in your content, you will create more engagement. Think about using ones some of these;

  1. Where was your best vacation? Why?
  2. What is your favorite movie from your childhood?
  3. Let’s talk breakfast — what is your go-to?
  4. Who do you ‘look up to’? How come?


… and so on.

Ensuring that the answers require more than a yes or no answer is the way to go.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to step out of your niche with the questions either. Remember, the more you get to know your audience the more you can deliver on content that suits them best.

Create Polls (perfect for a little market research)


Try using the poll feature in your groups. The types of questions you want to give here, in my opinion, are ones related to your niche and/or business. You want to make sure you are giving at least 3-4 choices for their responses as well. Too little and it becomes too black and white, too many and you’re left having to decipher way too much data later on.

To create more engagement, try setting up a poll like this one;

Question: What do you want to see more of in this community?

  1. More Q&A time with you about your products!
  2. Lessons on how to improve my self-confidence
  3. How-To acquire the best skin care routine
  4. More DIY solutions


These answers can also be great for collecting user generated content you can use later. Remember, when your prospects or customers TELL you what they need, make sure you deliver. If you have no intentions for example of ever doing a Q&A, don’t include that as an answer.

create more engagement in your Facebook Groups

Use Humor in your Content


Think about the emotions we want people to feel when they connect with us. I am going to suggest that you want that to laugh and smile more, feel good, learn something new – be inspired, etc. So, knowing this don’t be afraid to drop some light humor in your Facebook Group content. Maybe it’s a funny meme related to your niche or, simply something you laughed at and felt your community would belly laugh at it too!

This is a great way to soften the monotony of product posts after product posts, right?

And, it’s super simple content that you won’t have to look too far to find either. Humor is super ideal for your content calendar blank spots.

If you need help creating your content calendar be sure to check out this one here!

Are you Managing a Group Related to Food in any way?


Please note: food can be related to a ton of different topic areas; health and wellness, skin care, hair care, exercise, etc. And, food can also be related to current events that you may want to share about in your group; Super Bowl, Christmas, Birthdays, etc.

Recipes are among one of the best style posts you can use to create more engagement in your groups. Share one and ask others what their favorites are or if they have a spin on the one you shared.

Whatever the case is, find a way to weave those in (as long as they make sense of course).

These posts are also another great way to share a small insight with your community about who you are.

Images Convert Best!


Ideally, you are using images you took especially when they’re related to your products or services. Avoid using company professional photos to show off your products. Show people where you keep the products in your pantry, bedroom or bathrooms.

This allows the prospect or customer the ability to picture the products in their own home. The power of suggestion here is very REAL.

You can use a light question as a caption along the lines of; ‘where do you keep _____ in your home?’

Keeping it real also demonstrates to those who may be considering your business opportunity that this is something they could totally do too!

Go on, Hit that Go Live Button!


Truth is, if you are not a fan of live video starting in a group is a great place to start! Whether you go live with something motivational, a product demonstration or a short Q&A, go live at least once a week in your community.

Live video – or any video in general – is a great way for people new to your group to check out older video content since Groups provide us with that helpful little video tab at the top or left hand side of the group.

Last but certainly not least if you want to create more engagement in your Facebook Groups you, need to engage too. Make sure you go back and respond to comments, slap a like on them and keep the conversation going.

People will follow your lead and it may just take a little consistency on your part.

Let me know which ones of these were helpful and of course if you have some tips to share with the other readers here — Share them in the comments below!

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