create duplication in your network marketing business

3 Simple Steps to Create Duplication in your Business

We have spent a lot of time focussing on prospecting and recruiting — but what about duplication? Would it be helpful for you to learn three simple steps you can follow to create duplication in your business? Great — stick around for this post then!

When you learn the skills necessary to create this, your business will only move forward (and fast).

There are some critical benefits to duplication;

  1. Grows your organization
  2. Helps others win
  3. Increases your overall reach
  4. Improves profits (for everyone)


It sounds like a win/win for everyone, right? So on that note, let’s dive in.

3 Simple Steps to Create Duplication in your Business


Think back to when you joined your business.

You were excited, fired up, anxious and maybe even a little scared. BUT … you had those butterflies, and you were pumped to get started. THIS is where duplication in your team needs to start — right from the enrolment.

See, getting people started the right way (and fast) is critical when you want to create duplication in your network marketing business. Help them create that story, paint that vision and dive right in.

Action Tip to Create Duplication: Start your new distributors off on the RIGHT track. Plug them into your communities, resources, etc. A little hand-holding in the beginning will go a long way — and we should always be thinking long-term.

Next, let’s consider your role as a leader or upline.

When people look at you for what to do next — will they see it in your actions? Unfortunately, this switch from leader to manager happens when organizations start to grow. And, I assure you that you will not succeed in management mode.

People don’t need someone else telling them what to do — instead, show them!

Action Tip to Create Duplication: Lead by example. If you want your team to do Live videos, do live videos. If you ‘expect’ them to reach out to 10 new people a day, reach out to 15 yourself. Do as you want them to do. They are already looking to you for support and guidance; lead the way!

Duplication is one of the cornerstones of network marketing.


Manage your own time effectively. Each organization will consist of 3 types of people; the all-in, the hobby builder and the disconnected. Focus your time on those who are all in. And remember, dig deep into your organizations because some of our best leaders were beyond our front lines when we were building.

Sometimes, people are abandoned and left to figure it out independently, but they’re hungry. So spend your time with those who want it and let others know you’re there when they’re ‘ready.’ Now, please keep in mind this doesn’t mean you’ve dismissed them entirely — but like we’ve said about recruiting, do not try to convince someone to do this.

This will only waste your time and can harm the existing relationship.

Action Tip to Create Duplication: Look at your entire organization and start to identify the leaders. Those are the ones you want to spend time with and help raise their bar. Let them know you saw something special in them and want to do your best to support them.

These are your people.

How have you found duplication in your businesses? Is this something that comes naturally to you, or are you struggling to help the process gain momentum? Then, let me know how I can serve you best!

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