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Create Curiosity Posts on Facebook for your Business

Are you in network marketing and/or direct sales and find that every time you post about your business you receive very little (if any) engagement? Here’s the deal. We get it — you love your products, services, compensation plan, team, etc. You are excited about it, and you should be. However, just because those things excite you, doesn’t mean they will excite your ideal customer or prospect. So, when you go on about this new fab juice that you love, sharing the company name etc., what is your audience doing? Probably heading over to Google to check out what they can about the company. Ah! Networking marketing, must be a scam! Not interested! However, what if you learned how to create curiosity posts on Facebook instead?

Creating curiosity in your audience is 10X more powerful than putting it all out there.

create curiosity

Especially, on social media. Think about it like this; your friend posts a selfie, and you love her eye lashes. And, you probably want to know where she bought the mascara, or how she got them to pop like they do. Naturally, you would ask her. No one buys a new MAC mascara and blasts all over (and all the time) about this amazing mascara. Although your friends intention wasn’t to sell you the mascara — because she intrigued you with her post, you may just buy some.

That my friends, is the power of word of mouth marketing.

Now, let’s look at two example. The same situation (or product) but much different results.

The product is a weight loss shake, from a health and nutrition, network marketing company.

Scenario One

[emoji overload] OMG!!! My order just arrived from XYZ company! I just LOVE the way it tastes!!!!!! XYZ has so many great things about it, its great for weight loss, blood sugar, cholesterol, every other ailment you can imagine! WOW this company is more than 20 years old so they obviously know what they are doing! This can help you, so message me now before it’s too late!!!!!

Scenario Two

[image of your before and after] Hard to believe that only a couple short months ago that was me. And, this picture doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel inside. Truth is, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to take my health seriously — but better late than never right? Now, if I could only find an activity to become more physically active — any ideas?

You might be thinking to yourself that Scenario One is a bit dramatic. And, you would be right, it is. However, it happens all the time. If I were someone looking to lose weight, there are two (2) things I might do if I was reading the first scenario.

  1. Research XYZ company and find all sorts of reviews (good and bad) online.
  2. Ignore the post because I have read the same thing half a dozen times (or more).

Now, is Scenario Two chances are your before and after would catch my attention first. (people love images) Then, I would want to know how you did it. And, since you didn’t share any of that information on the post, I am probably going to comment or leave you a message.

The different in these two (2) posts — One told us everything whereas the second one did, create curiosity. Thus, I am probably going to connect with you.

create curiosity

A number of bad things can happen when you give away all the details:

  1. You kill curiosity. Why would that prospect ever connect with you when you already gave them all the details?
  2. It can sound like you are desperate and trying to convince them of something.
  3. Not everyone cares about all the details. Talking for ten (10) minutes about a subject they don’t care about will just bore them to death.

How to Create Curiosity Around your Network Marketing Business

If you want to create curiosity around your network marketing business, you must take everything down to a simple strategy, or formula. People need to see a few simple steps so that they think – “Hey, I can do this too!”

You want to have prospects saying – Hey, tell me more!’, so you need to create curiosity and let people get excited as they go through the steps of learning about the product, the company, the compensation plan, etc. Our companies put  tools at our disposal these days, and we offer many social media tips and tricks in our own Social Impacters Facebook Group too!

More advantages when you create curiosity around your network marketing business are;

– If it takes you less time to talk to each prospect, you can talk to more people in the same amount of time you have available.

– You won’t be left discouraged when someone says ‘no’. If all you invested in that person were a few minutes, it is easier to pick and move on to the next person.

Instead of pushing away people from your network marketing business, pull them into your world by becoming interesting or attractive to others.

When was the last time you went to Facebook to buy a shake or a bracelet or anything?

You never think about buying anything. This doesn’t mean you don’t buy, but in those circumstances consider what it was that drew your attention to that post or video — what caused you to buy?

People go to Facebook to connect, share, laugh and be social with other.  And yes, looking at who likes, comments and shares their post.  Facebook is about relationships. And, interestingly enough so is network marketing — so why the continuous intention to sell, sell, sell?!

Create Curiosity with these Facebook Posts

create curiosity

Post Lifestyle Photos

  1. Share what your life looks like.  Your family, what your likes are, hobbies, etc.
  2. People like to work with the people they can relate to, so sharing a bit of your lifestyle helps
  3. Often,  people like to watch pieces of your life, not everything, but be a part of some of it. So, for example if you are talking about going to your favorite restaurant later that night, your interested audience will probably want to know what you ate!

Business-Lite Photos

  1. Share photos of you attending a training or meeting, you and your team – omit where possible any logos, signs, etc. that would give away your company name.
  2. Share the experience on what it would look like when they work with you and the benefits of being an entrepreneur.
  3. If you’ve won some company’s trip, or car incentive post those images too.

Educational Posts

  1. Write something valuable; tips and tricks you’ve learned so other people can learn too. GIVE!
  2. We know entrepreneurs love to take notes and go to trainings.  Whatever you’ve learned, teach that through your posts. This can easily be broken into a dozen posts or more.
  3. If you are in health and wellness, post something about how to lose weight; if you’re in skin care, you can write tips on how to take care of your skin; or you’re in finances, teach about budget.

The quickest way to become an authority in your niche, is to teach others. 

Inspirational /Motivational Quotes

  1. People like to be inspired and motivated.
  2. These are posts that are often the most shared content on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  3. Create images out of quotes where possible. (Canva is a great resource for that)

Create Facebook Live Videos

  1. This is the most effective marketing tool to create curiosity in facebook right now.
  2. Statistics show that Live Videos is the best way to connect and engage with your audience. Including those watching a replay.
  3. If you need some guidance on getting started on Facebook Live — THIS RESOURCE should help.

You can also curate content that:

  1. Ties in with your products and services
  2. Is directly relevant to your ideal customers’ pain points
  3. Fits in alignment with your industry

Share your story

Furthermore, you are more than the products and services you offer. Therefore, every day, a series of little moments present you with the perfect opportunity to build a deeper connection with your Facebook audience. In addition, the power of storytelling is becoming more and more critical to the network marketing and direct sales industry — master telling yours.

Lastly, we hope this post was helpful to you and we would love if you shared it with your teams and/or others who might benefit. And, we would love to hear what curiosity posts have worked best for you — in your business!

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create curiosity