Create a Basic Routine for your Network Marketing Business

We talk a lot about consistency being key – and this couldn’t be more true. Network Marketers, new and old, always have the best of intentions. They get in, they are fired up and then things don’t always go as planned. And, this is usually the place we people say things like ‘this is too hard‘ or, ‘this isn’t for me‘. Being consistent is hard. But, we can lessen that burden when we create a basic routine we can stick to.

Show me someone who is successful and I’ll show you someone with great habits

In this post, we will share with you some examples to help you create a basic routine that makes sense for you – and your family. And, it is going to take work. It will also require that you – trust the process. You see, ur daily routines can make a huge difference to how healthy, happy and productive we are.

We are Creatures of Habits

And, it was once said that your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.’ Actively and consciously building a daily routine for yourself instills plenty of good habits.

When we consciously decide what we want to do with every day of our lives, we generally want to do what makes us happy or what gives us the most satisfaction. As a result, we build tons of good habits along the way by actively participating in our daily lives.

Did you ever consider that thought? Participating in your own life? Perhaps it is strange to say or hear at first, but don’t let it pass you by.

Create a Basic Routine that will have you Being More Efficient

A routine is something that you do over and over again. Eventually making it a habit.

Once it is a habit, you do not need to think about it to act.  The act of automation increases in your life, by enabling you to do things without consciously thinking about it.  You will automatically get things done, without having to remind yourself to get things done.  This way, you do not let anything slip and you save time by not having to decide what to do with your day (or the time you dedicate to your business).

Which brings us to that very point. You need to schedule time in your daily calendar, for your business. If network marketing is something you are wanting to do part-time — great! Make sure you are allowing for those part time hours every week.

Success comes with a full calendar of income producing activities.

There are many activities you will do having to do with your business but there are only a few that create that end result – so always focus on those first.

For example, we are huge advocates of building your business on Facebook. However, building your business typically doesn’t involve just scrolling your newsfeed hoping for someone to jump out at your saying recruit me! You want to ensure the time you allot on social media, for business purposes is exactly that.

create a basic routine

Steps to Create a Basic Routine

1. Take a look at your calendar for the last 30 days. How many income producing activities do you have listed each day? — Go on, make a list.

2. From that list, what three (3) activities each day that have income producing potential will you commit to?

3. Focus on 15-30 minute blocks of time, not large chunks.

4. Consider getting an accountability partner.

What are Income Producing Activities?

Answer: Income Producing Activities are those actions that move you towards your business and income goals. Find ways of including them when you create a basic routine.

These might include;

  • social media (with intention, structure)
  • personal development
  • following up with prospects, customers
  • emails, messages
  • training new team member
  • company call (or corporate call/webinar)
  • Facebook Live, creating new videos
  • planning new content, images, etc.

What does Social Media with Intention (structure) Mean?

Answer: Plan the time you are going to spend on Facebook (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) Otherwise what can start as an innocent scroll, can turn into wasted hours on a Timeline wondering why our business isn’t moving forward.

Plan out what your time on social media will look like.

Some Income Producing Activities when it comes to social media are;

  1. Connecting with Pages of Influence (< great post about those here)
  2. Using Facebook Groups to grow your business (< great post about those here, too!)
  3. Going Live on Facebook (< great tips and ideas here)
  4. Following up with customers, new prospects
  5. Reaching out to new people, cold messaging
  6. Interacting on others content – genuine and authentic

Routinely doing something every day, even if it is just a little bit, builds big momentum in the long run.  Create a basic routine that will help make this a reality. Although the benefits of doing something every day are small, the payoff is huge after awhile.

For example, saving $10.00 by cooking your lunch means you save an extra $3,650 a year.  Running a mile a day means you will have ran 365 miles in a year, the distance of almost 14 marathons.  Reading 20 pages a day means you will have read 7,300 pages in a year, close to 30 books. Overall, you get the point.

And more importantly, the relation to your business is real.

create a basic routine

Daily Action Plan Example (for the 10%)

  1. Talk to five (5) prospects a day
  2. Follow-up with people from the previous day
  3. Train and help new team members
  4. Rinse and repeat six or seven days a week

If you were to follow this action plan for a year, you would talk to 1,825 people.

If you sponsored just one (1) in twenty (20) people that you talked to, you would sponsor 91 people.

You would definitely see some growth in your business, even working this on a part-time basis. You could probably do these four steps in about one to two hours per day. These steps make take a little bit more time at first, however once it is something you have built in to your routine effectively, the time will fly by.

Daily Action Plan Example (for, anyone)

  1. Talk to three (3) prospects per day
  2. Follow up with people from the previous day
  3. Train and help new team members
  4. Rinse and repeat six (6) or seven (7) days a week

This plan is designed for the part-timer who is looking to earn an extra $2,000 to $5,000 per year within their first twelve months.

By following this plan you would talk to approximately 1,095 prospects a year.

If you recruited one (1) in twenty (20) you would sponsor approximately 54 people personally.

It won’t create huge momentum in your business, but you will definitely see your business grow by following these steps consistently. You could easily do this in about one (1) hour per day.

Now, there is a daily action plan for the 1% and I would be happy to connect with you more on that one, if that is something you are looking for.

Overall, I hope this post has helped identify the areas in which you can improve, or the areas we encourage you to keep plugging away at. Would love to hear what activities you are seeing the most results in doing — and where we can help you even more! Please comment below!

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create a basic routine