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Core Concepts for Network Marketing and Direct Sales

Whether it is extra income every month you seek or a chance to see how far you can grow as an entrepreneur, becoming a distributor for a network marketing company is a great option. Network marketing or direct sales promise to, provide a proven product, marketing plan, mentorship, and training and support. It’s a business in a box that supplies everything you need to get started right away. And like any business, one should start with the core concepts, right?

Then why is this always forgotten?!

One mistake many network marketers make is in not treating their venture like a business. Or, they suddenly turn into a robot versus a human being. One thing we want to stress before we go further is this ….

We are in the people business.

Not, the product or opportunity business.

That will come.

In one of our recent posts, ‘Network Marketing and How to Recruit on Facebook‘, we touch on the topic of being patient. But, building a solid foundation requires relationships. Relationships are the bread + butter to retention, growth and sustainability in your business. So, let’s talk core concepts in this post. In fact, in our opinion, the core concepts otherwise known as ‘basics’, should be implemented consistently in 85% of the network marketing ‘population’. We will cover the other 15% of that group as well, but this post we will focus on the majority.

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6 Core Concepts for 85% (or more!) of Network Marketers

Now, these core concepts we want to share with you today are geared towards those who are earning less than six (6) figures a year in the network marketing business. This is not in any way a bad thing either by the way — it simply is a point of reference for where the transition occurs in the business phases.

  1. Core Concepts — 85%
  2. Intermediate to Advanced (earning 6+ figures) — 10%
  3. Super Advanced (earning multiple 6+ figures) — 5%

Core Concept #1 — Creating Content

People use Facebook and other social media platforms to express who they are, build their personal brand and connect with others. Because of this, the content people share on social networks gives us an idea of what is important to them.

Unfortunately, most people are not going to be passionate about the product you are selling. Or, the service you are offering. However, they may be passionate about the results of your product or service, or about how your product or service may help them. Of course, before any of this happens — they may simply be interested in you!

And, since we are a people business, connecting with who you are is optimal.

We have some great posts on Content Creation + Strategy you should check out;

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… we suppose you can assume we believe content is a big deal by this list.

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Core Concept #2 — Genuine Conversations

One of the main qualities or attributes that top network marketers share are their authenticity. This means that they are true to the saying by Maya Angelou;

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Keep this as a focal point during your conversation with them. People will always feel the energy of a hidden agenda. And, it simply isn’t what the true model of building relationships looks like. Pretending to enjoy someone’s company only to sell them a product or join your business later will not, serve you in the long run.

Please do yourself a favor, be genuinely interested in the other person. Be it their family, hobby, favorite television show — whatever it is. Smiling and nodding (its ideology) isn’t a good look in person — the same applies for meaningful conversation on social media.

Core Concept #3 — Building New Relationships




Relationship building takes time. And, too often we see network marketers put all their eggs in one basket when it comes to a prospect and then feel completely let down when the ‘sale’ doesn’t convert. Our recommendation is you should be connecting with 3-5 at minimum, new people every day.

Initiating that relationship can be as simple as commenting on a post or video where you have never interacted before. Alternatively, it may mean connecting with someone new in Facebook messenger.

One way to help you keep track of new conversations are visit the Birthday section on your profile every day. See the last time you spoke to that person. A great conversation opener is a private Happy Birthday message. Especially, ones that utilize the voice message option.

Core Concept #4 — Provide Value

This core concept may feel redundant — but let us qualify why it is a concept all on it own. Sure, having a content strategy is key, without question. However, as an 80/20 rule … 80% being personally related and 20% being business related — value should be evident in at least 50% of those posts.

Think of when you share a picture of spending time with your family — what narrative can you include with that image? How fortunate you are to have extra time to spend with them? Or, think about when you are hitting the late night hours working your business, share something valuable about that. Working hard now to reap the benefits later.

Whichever way you ‘spin’ it — add value to someones life. They will appreciate it. Potentially, in more ways than a simple thank you.

Core Concept #5 — Asking the Audience ‘How can you help or serve them best?’

Let’s be real here, they will know that answer better than anyone. Have you ever noticed which posts specifically on Facebook receive the most engagement? They are often ones that ask an opinion, a question, a perspective, or advice.

Audience generated content is top notch.

It is as though they are helping you create your content strategy. Meanwhile, with the right intentions attached. After all, we are in the people business — and people, love helping people. By them helping you with your content ‘need’, you will return the favor with valuable content and/or answers to their questions.

Everyone wins.

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Core Concept #6 — Videos are Powerful

If you didn’t know this last of the core concepts we are mentioning today — you have been under a rock my friend! Videos are leading the way in attraction and engagement on all social media platforms. Have you noticed the platforms have all adapted video into their platforms in some way?

And, let’s not forget YouTube who’s entire platform is based on video.

Videos help your audience know you. It is the closest thing to being in the same room as you. They have an opportunity to hear and see you speak. They may pick up on mannerisms or quirky words and habits you use. These, are all great things.

They make you a real person.

Videos also solidify a layer of trust. People will feel like they know you via video more so than any other medium. Get acquainted with video — the more you do, the easier it becomes.

We promise.

Final Thoughts on the 6 Core Concepts

So, what do you think?

Are you applying these core concepts to your business every day? 

You should be. Even those in the remaining 15% we would bet continue to use these concepts. However, as we mentioned above the remaining 15% tend to fall into a different category of intermediate/advanced to super advanced. And, what we mean by these groups is they are in position to add different tools to their arsenal.

These might include;

  1. Facebook Business Page
  2. Website or Blog
  3. Paid Advertising
  4. Funnels

… and so on.

And, guess what? Even then they don’t necessarily add on these various components. Especially those who have built massive businesses without them. Our point in mentioning this is that, until you have established a large team and are earning upwards of 6+ figures in your business, relax.

There is plenty of time to add these things — and we don’t recommend you jump all in to those tools too soon. Otherwise, it is overwhelming and more importantly your team will not be able to duplicate that. Your strategy needs to be duplicatable.

Otherwise, you will find yourself the Lone Ranger.

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core concepts for network marketing