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3 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without

Regardless of your industry, if you are building a business online — content is king. And, approximately 88% of marketers, entrepreneurs and influencers are using a variety content marketing tools in their strategies.

Why? Because it is effective and quite honestly allows people to get to know you.

Remember, interactions over transactions, right? Now, content marketing is a massive market so in hopes of relieving some of that overwhelm for you, in this post and included video I will touch on 3 content marketing tools you can’t (or shouldn’t) live without.

Top Content Marketing Tools (at zero cost!)

Facebook & Instagram Stories!

Whether you are using Instagram or Facebook to grow your business, stories can help you bring in an additional 10-50 leads per month! Are you using stories now? If not, I have a really cool 12-day stories challenge you should definitely check out! 

With stories, you can share content that shows off your brand or business directly from your mobile phone. Stories engage your audience and allow you to develop deeper connections in a more frequent, authentic and yet casual way. You can share pictures and short videos to bring your audience behind the scenes or engaging them through questions and polls.

LIVE Streaming video!

If you want to grow your name, brand and business FAST, I highly recommend taking advantage of using live video! Facebook live, or IGTV are the most popular platforms for live video on social media platforms.

Live video helps reach your audience in a different way. They help build rapport and trust 10X faster with your audience. And, when we know there is more trust involved it also means they’re more likely to buy from you. 

Are you using live video as one of your content marketing tools? Which do you prefer?

Next up …

Get Consistent in your Storytelling!

The majority of online entrepreneurs are scared to open up, be vulnerable and share any part of their mistakes or tough lessons. However, I want to suggest to you that every failure brings about a lesson learned.

Everything you’ve done up to this point is a part of your story. You’ve learned, moved on and are continuing to grow, right? These are things that are not only inspiring but more so, relatable. 

Who can you inspire by sharing your challenges and how you overcame them? Whether it be life or business, share what you are open and willing to help others with! Maybe it’s through a social media post, blog post, videos, etc.

Start sharing more of YOUR story and journey!

Overall, I hope you will put these content marketing tools to good use and continue to impact and inspire others through stories, live videos and, more storytelling!

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