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How to Create a Content Calendar for Network Marketers

We think over the past while, we have been able to impress upon you that content is everything. We have covered things on creating content, what type of content is ideal, the need for planning it, etc. However, in all of that we realized we should have provided you with a detailed way on how to plan the content. We want to do that today by way of a Content Calendar.

What is a Content Calendar?

A content calendar (sometimes known as an editorial calendar) is an important part of your strategy. It acts almost as a road map for the months ahead. This, will make sure that your content is  goal oriented and, that it is aligned with your business targets or focus.

Having a content calendar will allow you to:

  • Manage new ideas to execute
  • Improve brainstorming and research (content and images)
  • Build on content for future use
  • Identify what’s working and frankly, what’s not
  • Plan out images to take/design/edit/filter
  • Stay consistent

Additionally, a content calendar can be a working document. Google Sheets or Excel are best. This is used to schedule out what you’ll post. And, across which platforms.

Depending on which works best for you, these calendars can be created weekly, monthly or even quarterly. The longer term content calendar is best for those who have a specific customer demographic identified.

Additionally, you can run multiple content calendars for social media marketing. You may choose to have one for each platform that you are using. But more specifically, for Facebook.

Why is a Content Calendar Important?

Although there are several reasons we believe a content calendar is a MUST … Consistency is probably one of the top reasons. You see, when we speak with our community or clients, one of their main obstacles is being consistent.

Some days they are posting a lot, and other days it is like a ghost town!

Neither, are effective.

Using a content calendar to plan ahead of time allows you to create consistency in the flow of content that you are delivering to your audience. Having the ability to plan out content for an entire month or more keeps your social media consistent and makes your content a reliable source for people.

This way, they won’t just feel like the only time they see your stuff is when you have a promotion going on. Or, towards the end or start of a new month.

Secondly, having a content calendar will help you stay organized. As an example, let’s assume you are going to be doing a Facebook Live that acts as a makeup tutorial. And, the Live is scheduled for Thursday evening. A good idea would be on the Monday or Tuesday, share a picture of your favourite makeup brushes or tools you will use in your video.

A build up almost. Anticipation is always a good thing!

Content Calendars Should Start with your Goals

By determining the goal, you can work backwards. What we mean by this, is once you have established what you hope to achieve from the content you will be posting. This process will help you identify good points of the month to check in on how your goals are being met with the content you have been delivering.

Eventually, like anything when it is repeated overtime, patterns emerge. As an example, maybe you love doing your Facebook Live Saturday morning when you are cooking pancakes for the kids. However, your pattern of views or engagement would suggest that this isn’t a great time for your foodie lovers.

Additionally, it may also show you that based on how high views and/or engagement is at this time, that it is prime to post content then, and ones surrounding your business to create curiosity.

With consistency, and without your goals your content calendar may turn out a hot mess (sorry, not sorry!).

Specific Pieces to Include on your Content Calendar

This calendar has a few moving parts. The basic version would be something simple such as;

  1. Monday — Post a Quote
  2. Tuesday — Post a Recipe
  3. Wednesday — Post a family picture
  4. Thursday — Share something personal about you (storytelling)
  5. Friday — Share a funny story or joke
  6. Saturday — Facebook Live cooking demo
  7. Sunday — Post your favorite song from church

Please understand, that this is the bare bones version of a content calendar. And, it is better than nothing for sure. It will help you stay on track with what to post, but we believe that many people have much more potential than that. We believe many of our clients and community members are ready for bigger fish.

Would you agree?

Now, we would like you to consider this version of a content calendar and of course adjust it to your business and/or platform of choice.

In-Depth Content Calendar Examples to Include

Title of the post: The concept for the content piece. What medium? (written, video, image, etc.)

Publish Date: When will the content be published to your page?

Type of Content: Designed to Educate, Empower or Entertain?

Target Audience: The audience or prospect group you are targeting

Distribution Channels: Where this content will be published — Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Promotion: The promotion and/or social media channels that will be leveraged for this specific content piece. Will you repurpose the content elsewhere?

Call to Action: Did you include a CTA on your post? ‘Comment below for info’, ‘Message me’, etc.

Events: Are there special holidays or events happening that you can post about? Do they align with your posting schedule?

Images: Have you prepared your images ahead of time? Perhaps you use a platform like Canva to design them, or Studio to add cool backgrounds, or Word Swag to add funky letters.

By this point, you should have everything you need to get started on creating your content calendar. Make sure that once you have completed it — print it out, save it to your phone, make it accessible. These calendars will not only help you stay organized and consistent but act as a great means of also keeping you accountable. We would love to hear what strategies you have been using, or when you will begin to start implementing these ideas!

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