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How to take Massive and Consistent Action

When Dani and I wake up in the morning we just know the routine. Between making time for your daily conversations with God, breakfast, personal development and getting the kids off to school – we’ve got it. Now sure, our house has its organized chaos moments and we’re great with what. However, in order to function like a ‘well-oiled’ machine we always take consistent action.

The same, can be said about our business. Some of the routines may start to feel tedious and we would sooner just not do them at all but we do. Why? Because our business needs it to grow and that simply isn’t optional for us.

One of the main concerns I hear from clients and members of our communities is that consistent action is among the biggest obstacles they face. Hate to break it to you network marketers but … your business needs consistency – period. Today, we want to help you with that.

How to take Massive and Consistent Action in your Network Marketing Business

Productivity is predicated on consistency.

When you are looking at areas that you find your business falling short on, ask yourself how much time you have committed to that task. Truly evaluate the time you hav been putting in daily to achieving your goals. Take note of the days or times where sticking to your plan struggles the most.

I believe, you will find a pattern in these behaviors. And the easiest way to fix that problem is by adjusting your calendar if possible to meet the same consistent action in a time that suits you better. Now, if this isn’t possible then we are hoping the following tips will help you take not only massive but consistent action day after day.

Create a Morning Routine

The way you wake up is a great indicator of what the rest of your day will look like. I appreciate that many people are waking in the morning to prepare for a work or school day but I think the same routine can still apply.

The following suggestions, are proven ways to help entrepreneurs be more productive;

  1. prayers and/or meditation
  2. personal development
  3. reading for 10 minutes
  4. a decent breakfast (and coffee!!)
  5. a walk or workout

… among others of course.

Do Things/Tasks even when you don’t Feel Like it

I don’t know about you but my list of things might change from day to day. But, there are without question tasks in my day that frankly, I don’t want to do. But then there’s this voice inside by head that says ‘coach Fryer, you want to impact lives and help others – get to work‘. And, I do the things I don’t want to do.

Please understand this tip has very little to do with comfort zones either. It has everything to do with the tasks I know I need to complete in a day and take consistent action on if I want them to be beneficial. It’s sometimes the tedious things or tasks that take some time to see a result.

This is where belief and trust for these ‘don’t-wanna-do-tasks’ comes in. You know in order to see results they have to be done. I have stopped making those things optional.

Focus on the Process not the Results

The moment we attach ourselves to an outcome or result (or lack thereof) the less likely we are to be consistent in our activity. The primary reason for that being that we have become conditioned to this microwave type society. When we do an action we ‘expect’ to se the result almost immediately.

This has been primary source of the inconsistent action people practice in their business.

Learn to fall in love with the activity, the process and the journey. Your story is about whole whole package not just the ending. So find those moments in your day that you connect most with and do them last. Condition yourself that you have to go through the not so favored tasks to get to the good ones. Work on this every single day. Creating the habit is the hardest part – but learn to focus on the process and the rest will come!

Consistent Action needs Consistent Reminders

How often do you tell yourself, directly or indirectly, the things you need to do? Meaning, where are your goals? What are they? Who knows them? Have you written them down? Do you know the steps you need to take to achieve them?

Think about the tasks you need to do everyday in order to get further ahead in your business. Do you have a system or way of reminding yourself to do them? Eventually when you are in the habit of taking consistent action things will start to come second nature. However until then, what can you do to remind yourself?

Here are a few things I use to create good habits;

  1. Social Impacter DMO
  2. Whiteboard
  3. Calendar
  4. Notes on my phone
  5. Post-it-Notes in my office
  6. Share my day with Dani (my wife)

… so in the event I miss one of these things there are 5 backups!

Listen, you know what you need to do to see the results. Consistent action and taking massive action are two components that you need to own. I can give you access to tools, support, coaching, and everything else but I can’t make you take action.

You can though!

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