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Cold Messaging On Social Media | Things You Need To Know

First things first, YES cold messaging on social media is effective – when, and I stress when, it’s done properly. Too often, we see network marketers (new and seasoned) sending cold messages that are in fact hurting their business versus strengthening it.

Cold Messaging on Facebook, Real (scary) Examples

  1. When it comes to making money, are you married to your job or do you keep your options open?
  2. [insert novel, followed with] If I sent you some information now to look at ASAP it takes two minutes.
  3. OMG! Have you heard of [insert company name]?! You HAVE to take a look at what I’m doing!

You get the idea right?

These are all examples of real Facebook messages I’ve received in the past couple days through messenger. 

Bottom line here, don’t do this.

I am not saying it never works, it frightens me a bit that it does – but the reality is, it is not effective.

Before we wrap that up what is also important to know is that small talk proceeded by these types of messages are equally as … disturbing. Let me explain. When we create small talk without being genuinely interested in the other person, all this signifies is you only asked to pitch. Remember you are in the relationship business — focus on this before anything else.

Before You Start Cold Messaging …

Take a look at your profile, what does it say about you? Because chances are when you send a ‘cold message’ the other person will likely take a quick browse at your profile before deciding to respond.

  1. Are you a billboard or commercial heavy timeline?
  2. Is your last post complaining about life, finances, and all things in between?


  1. Is your timeline welcoming, inviting, a good energy kind of vibe?
  2. Is it a good mix between personal and business posts?

Start there.

This will give you a good indication of what people’s first impression of you are.

Now, decide on these few things;

  • Who are you trying to attract?
  • On your friends list, who might be a great fit for your business?
  • Who is already on your friends list that you haven’t connected with?

In a lot of ways, your friends list is a ready made list for you. You could start at the top with the letter ‘A’ and open a message, NOT a message mentioning anything about your business however. Instead, open up some dialogue, initiate a conversation. Take a few moments to check out their timeline, see what’s happening in their lives. In doing so this will give you a good point of reference to opening up the conversation and be able to keep things more personable.

Be genuine in this approach. This is so critical, and too often overlooked.

Use this conversation time as an opportunity to even figure out if this is someone you would want to work with.

Qualify people first. Not everyone will be a fit for you and your business.

Conversations will also open up those windows where they may share a need or problem with you, to remember later, when you want to help, or offer a solution.

The biggest tip I can give you when it comes to cold messaging on Facebook (or LinkedIn, or Instagram, etc.) is LISTEN. Open up with ‘hey how are you?‘ and wait for the response. Additionally, maybe you know them to some degree because of social media – ask them about something you may have seen on their timeline.

Be patient and wait for the response.

Here’s the deal, when you made the commitment to launch your business, you were in it for the long haul. You knew that once getting outside of your hot or warm market, it was going to take some work. Do not rush the process. It will be tempting but play the long ball game.

Keep your timeline interesting.

Mix it up – share a quote or positive story, maybe a funny video or a picture with your best friend. We’ve spoken previously on the blog, and in my Facebook Community about the general rule when it comes to this type of timeline presence (on occasion I’ve even offered a free audit — comment below if you’ve missed that!)

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