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Why a Coach, Mentor or Community is a Must

Are you new to network marketing? Or, perhaps you have hit a plateau in your business? In either case, this post is absolutely for you. It is not uncommon for newcomers to feel a sense of overwhelm. And, the likelihood of frustration in those network marketing professionals who have built a solid business to hit a plateau, is super high. This, is why a coach, mentor and/or supportive community are a must.

Coach, Mentor, Community

The reason for including all three of these, is because we believe that they all play an important role. And, depending on where you are in your business, what your goals are, and your existing resources — the answer may vary. Network marketing is a brilliant industry, and one that can be incredibly lucrative when you work it the right way.

And, by right way we mean understanding that it is a business, and to build one successfully on social media especially, requires certain skills and/or techniques. Let us explain … many people are finished with home parties, hotel meetings, or coffee shop meet ups. Not that there is anything wrong with those things, but you will probably agree we’ve moved into a technology based world. People are realizing they can build a solid business virtually from anywhere in the world so we have seen a massive shift in that direction.

As a result, many of the traditional ways of building a network marketing business have changed.

Think traditional for a moment. This usually included; a list of your top 20 friends whom you were going to call with a script that in its day, we’re sure was effective. It was also likely to include setting the date for your first home party and learning how to master the invite. Lastly, it probably included a generic post you were going to add to your Facebook — and everyone was going to flock to you and sign up, right?

Well, we all know how often that happens. Rarely would be a generous way to describe it.

Now, having said all of that we do know that there are certain factors that have not changed. Customers, in our humble opinion are still the lifeline to any substantial business, and we know that team work, leadership and duplication all play a key role.

The advantage is, it is easier to create these things with tools like social media.

So, you might be asking yourself — ‘what does this have to do with a coach, mentor or community?‘ And that, would be a great question. There is a small population of network marketers who can jump into the profession and make things happen right away. Perhaps they are business savvy, or possess a great, existing network, or frankly, some people are just naturals.

Then, there are others who have been working their business and things have been amazing — but they find that they reach a point where they are stuck.  The business almost feels stagnant, with minimal growth or what we often see with clients are the numbers bouncing up and down right around a certain threshold.

Let’s Talk Mentor

This word is thrown around a lot. And in some respects, a mentor can be anyone you ‘look up to’. They may be someone you have never spoken to, but you love their trainings, books, videos, ideas, strategies, etc. A mentor may even be someone historical, thought leaders or a parent even.

Definition of a mentor: ‘an experienced and trusted advisor’. coach network marketing

A fairly general definition which is why we can relate it to such a wide variety of people. And, we may in fact have mentors for all different areas of our lives. And although these people are absolutely amazing, because of the limited personal reach or investment in our business, they can only take us so far.

Do we think everyone should find an experienced and trusted advisor? Absolutely! However, we also want you to be mindful of the role they play in your business, and recognize that their lessons may only take you ‘so far’.

Curious who my mentors are to give you an idea?

Rob Sperry, Ray Higdon and Simon Chan.

And gosh, we have learned so much from them! Truly grateful really.

Let’s Talk Coach

Having a coach for your network marketing business, can provide direction.

When people are just starting off, they may not know about which direction they should be heading off into. This can be a challenge to overcome because this is going to help set the tone for the entire business moving forward. And, if it is going to have success or not. This is especially transparent where the sponsor is just starting out themselves, or where an upline may not be readily available to you.

On a personal note, when we invested into coaching for our business — we are still amazed at the differences it created. It literally took our business to heights we had yet to reach. We believe in investing in those who are, or have been where we want to go. If you want to earn 6 or 7 figures, you need to align yourself with those who have done just that.

A coach can provide an action plan, help you set your goals, hold you accountable. They can outline for you exact steps of strategies to follow and they know they work, because they did them. In our opinion,  you want someone who has walked in your shoes, a coach who has experience in the industry. Additionally, when it comes to social media — one who has built a business on that platform.

Be Intentional with your Investment

You are committed to taking your business to the next level, and you have recognized that a coach is the way to do so. Please do yourself a favor and don’t just hire blind. Meaning, it’s OK to do your homework. Dig a little — if it is social media you are looking to build your business on, find someone who has built a business doing so.

As an example, we built our last network marketing to six figures using Facebook. As a result, most of our clients are those who want to do the same thing. They are professionals who want to learn about recruiting hundreds using Facebook, how to create the content that turns into sales and over the past couple years — how to use Facebook Live to absolutely crush it.

Why does our client profile look this way?

Because that’s exactly, what we did. So, our clients know that and trust that we can teach them to do the same things. We should also include that group coaching is also a great tool we have seen used more recently. For example, let’s assume you have curated a team of one hundred distributors, we are seeing more and more people hire a coach to train their team as. whole. This is often more cost effective, and the leader knows the benefit this domino effect will have on their business.

coach network marketing

Let’s Talk Community

It is probable that when you launched your network marketing business, you were added to a Facebook Group with all the others in your team. These are very popular in the industry because they are a great place to keep your reps plugged in and engaged.

However, what we often don’t see in these communities is specific tools and strategies to help others build a business on social media. Sure, sponsors and uplines do their best at dropping nuggets, but it is tough to receive unbiased support and strategies from those in your organization.

And let’s be honest, not everyone is fortunate to have a team that has done what you want to do — especially on social media. Too often, and we still see it, are those who turn their timelines into billboards and wonder why they are stagnant in their business.

Or, their friends list becomes saturated with people in the same company! We get it, you all want to support each other — but this isn’t always helpful in this case.

It starts to feel inauthentic almost.

Know what we mean?

We started hearing a lot of this in the network marketing space. And, we realized that there were very few people who were teaching others how to build their network marketing business on Facebook. We have always been motivated to help others so when we opened our Social Impacter Society .. it was no different.

Our Community is our Commitment to the Industry

…. so much so that we are no longer actively promoting any network marketing business. After collectively taking thoughts, ideas, and practices through our mentors, coach, and communities we knew we wanted to serve more people. We wanted to serve the community as a whole. And, we wanted to do so while being neutral in the industry. Now, we know some amazing network marketing coaches who also build abundant businesses and that is amazing — we just knew our vision was different.

We also knew that we wanted to serve beyond our general Facebook community. Not that it isn’t absolutely amazing, and if you are not part of it yet you should be >> Join Social Impacters but we wanted to also work closely with those who wanted more.

Therefore, we launched our Social Impacter Society. This exclusive community is one we only open a couple of times a year. This is to allow us to work as closely as possible with those who have joined us, and often these are network marketers who are all in.

They are professionals who want their business to be just that — a business.

Our next scheduled time to open this community up for registration is May 1st, 2018 through May 4th, 2018. Otherwise, you are welcome to jump on our waiting list and you will be notified once the doors open again.

Registration and/or Waitlist for Social Impacter Society

Overall, we hope that you found this post helpful in understanding why we are firm believers that every network marketer who is looking to earn more than part-time income, should have a mentor, a coach, and/or community to help them grow their business. And, if we can be of any help to you and your business please do not hesitate to let us know in the comments, or connect with us on Facebook!

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