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Closing the Month in Network Marketing and Direct Sales

If you are a network marketing professional or direct sales consultant, you will probably agree the end of the month is an exciting time. It is probably among one of the most nerve racking, anticipation building, urgent moments in your business. And, on the other side of that coin — it might be a discouraging time. Or, what can appear as desperation if you’re not careful. In this post we want to talk about strategies to closing the month in your business, the right way.

Whether you have hit your goals this month or still have some work to do you want to give the end of the month everything you’ve got.

You can surprise yourself by the things you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. We see a lot of people getting discouraged. Even throwing in the towel on the last day of the month. This is often because they waited to the last minute to hit their goals.

Often, what people fail to remember is this is a month by month business (some exceptions to this) When you work the full 30 days rather then just the last your chances of success increase tremendously. The end of the month is not a day to stress out and start begging all your customers to order more.

When we operate our businesses that way we turn people off..

… our business and the industry. 

Although we appreciate you hitting your goals or sales numbers for the month is important (naturally). Maintaining the integrity of your business and your brand is equally if not more important. And, for some unfortunate reason the end of the month tends to be a gloves off scenario where we want to encourage you differently.

Yes, go hard at closing the month – of course!

But, go hard all month too!

We talk a lot about setting goals, staying consistent, time management, and so on. And, somewhere along the way these skills lose their way. And sure, people get busy! I am a father of three beautiful children and another on the way soon — my wife Dani and I get it.

Similarly to how you set your days up, start the month off by setting your month up.

What we mean by setting the month up is;

  1. Establish your goals for the month (ranks, income, etc.)
  2. Set out the target for each week (tasks, smaller goals, etc.)
  3. Evaluate at the end of each week and adjust targets if necessary

closing the month

Following these few steps, will help alleviate the month end desperation. Additionally, it will help you stay on track throughout the month. Because you may have heard this before but let us remind you …

How you close your month, is how you open the next one

So, even if you have hit your goals for the month sooner than expected – continue to go hard, this will start ‘filling that funnel’ for the next month. In this post ‘Create a Basic Routine for your Network Marketing Business‘ you will find some great strategies on being intentional and productive.

3 Tips to Closing the Month Strong in your Business

#1 Reach out to people who previously showed interest in your product or service.

Assuming you have continued to nurture your relationship with this person, open with someone like ‘I know we spoke earlier in the week (month) I just wanted to reconnect and see if any of your month end specials interested you’. Please keep in mind, this example is only effective when you have previously spoken about your products or service.

Perhaps they indicated they were interested in a specific product, mention that. Be personable, and authentic – no one likes to feel sold. Remember that.

#2 Reach out to the people who showed interest in your business.

Again, similar to the example above – this is effective when you have already spoken with this prospect about your business. You could say something like ‘we spoke earlier this week about you (insert pain point – income, time, travel) I just wanted to connect with you if you were ready to. get started‘. Remember, be genuine in your messaging (or calling).

You might outline why now is a great time to join your business. Depending on the time of year and industry — this could make a huge difference to them. For example, January is one of the biggest months for the health and wellness industry, so getting ahead of the evident trend is optimal.

#3 Reach out to your ‘fence sitters’ – the undecided.

You know who we mean. These are all the people this past month who told you they would get back to you. Maybe they needed to wait to payday or needed to talk to their spouse about it. Send them a courtesy message today. Follow up with them and let them know you’re placing your final orders for closing the month and wanted to know if you should include theirs. This is especially effective with direct sales customers who like to save on shipping. Bulk orders can be appealing.

If your company is offering a gift with purchase – especially around the holidays – this too can be a nice bonus to add to the conversation. Remember this isn’t the time to apply pressure, because if the answer is not a yes right now, how you handle this conversation will dictate how your next one goes.

closing the month

BONUS TIP for closing the month strong!

Go Live. Because closing the month is exciting for you, this will show through in your Facebook video. We would still encourage you to keep it generic, not mentioning your company, etc. but sharing your excitement is never a bad thing. In fact, it can be contagious.

To keep yourself on track, pick a topic that you feel comfortable talking about. Perhaps it is a Black Friday or Cyber Monday purchase you just picked up or other times of the year you might talk about the latest book you read or show you watched.

Whatever the case is, the end of the month is a great place to step out of your comfort zone. Doing things you don’t regularly do, will 100% gain attention. And, for those of you who ‘go Live’ regularly, do something a little different, spice up the title with emojis, compose a status letting your audience know you’re going Live in 20 as an example.

Do something different than what everyone else is doing!

Most people in the network marketing and direct sales space have many others in the same space on the friends list, or social media circles. Don’t get caught in the spammy statuses that start to run crazy in the last few days of the month.

Closing the month should be an exciting time. Be present for your team, and spend the days leading up to the end on a plan of action. Flying by the ‘seat of your pants’, will show. Share the excitement — not the frustration. And above all else – HAVE FUN!

The fortune, is in the follow up.

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closing the month