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Close More Prospects with THIS Network Marketing Tip

You may be the best at attracting, finding and/or inviting prospects but, struggle with the close. In this post (and video) I am going to share with you my number one tip on how to close more prospects.

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How to Close More Prospects in Network Marketing

… truth is, you may not love my answer. However, it has proved itself true over and over again. And, ‘it’ is …. build stronger relationships! Here’s a truth bomb for you; stop looking for a magic answer to instant success. Know that the relationships you build, nurture and strengthen over time will become your strongest volume in your business.

Once you spend the time to foster relationships with people — especially those online — they need time. And guess what? That’s OK! The following video will explain a bit more.

Learning how to close more prospects is a skill anyone can learn. And that’s powerful, right? Because if I’m being totally transparent there are skills that people will be strong at and others, not so much. Whereas learning to close more prospects in that funnel of yours is totally doable.

The more you do it the better you will get.

Quick Prospecting 101

Prospecting and recruiting are simple processes in network marketing. Please note that I did not say easy but I did say simple. Because, it is! There are blueprints of success we share with our clients and communities that once executed, consistently, are creating incredible results.

What is important for you to know as well is that prospecting, recruiting and closing all have a place in your business. Too often these words are used interchangeably where each one in fact, holds their own. So, let’s clear this up.

Prospect (verb)

to look out for, search for.

Recruiting (verb)

enroll (someone) as a member or worker in an organization or as a supporter of a cause.

Closing (verb) 

bringing something or someone to an end; final.

Few of Other Things to Consider when Learning how to Close More Prospects

Here are a few additional things you want to consider before you even move into the close;

  1. Consider if they are even interested or a fit for your business
  2. Never be attached to the outcome
  3. Use the third party tools available to you
  4. Ask the right questions in your conversations
  5. Always follow up

One last things before you go — what part of the ‘process’ gives you the hardest time? Prospecting? Recruiting? Or, Closing? Would love your feedback and if this was helpful be sure to let me know and share with those who can benefit too!

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