Building your Network Marketing or Direct Sales Business Part Time

At any given moment, most of us experience the feeling of not having enough time, but it’s not always true. And, before we dive into the part of lack of time sometimes being an illusion … Let’s cut to it – is building a network marketing or direct sales business part time, realistic?

Yes. In fact, the majority of people in our profession are doing so part time.

And, every full time, successful network marketer likely started on a part time basis too. (I appreciate that there are exceptions to every rule, my point is it’s possible). Here’s what we know; Network marketing is a business model that uses direct selling and relationship marketing to gain customers/recruits, as a method to sell a company’s product or service.

The Network Marketing Shift in Building Your Business Part Time

As we know, much of the distribution channel has shifted over recent years, with home parties being replaced with virtual ones, etc. We have come to know, understand and appreciate the power of social media. Implementing its effectiveness in terms of conversions to your business part time, can (and should) take consistency, however; we are definitely stepping in the right direction.

So, this social media shift should have alleviated a ton of time for people – yet, we still here the same objections. Why is that?

With all of the conveniences of smart phones, and wifi in the modern world, it’s easy to feel pressed for time and ultimately, overwhelmed. It seems that all of the conveniences we have at our fingertips haven’t really alleviated work. Or, provided us with the freedom we so desperately need and want.

Many of us are ‘on’ 24/7/365, and it’s taking a toll on our relationships, work and health.

Our bodies, emotions, and minds are suffering, which causes many of us to look for time management solutions to ease the pressure. And, please know this – Time management can be an effective strategy or one that can hurt you even more

business part time


Let me qualify. 

As much as we would like to believe that time can be managed, it’s not possible to add minutes to an hour. Rather, what we need to manage is the quantity and quality of our energy.

“Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance.” –  Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, The Power of Full Engagement

We get excited that we can work our business from anywhere at anytime, and that has come at a price. Thus, has created this illusion of no barriers;

  • Time freedom
  • Working from the beaches of the world

... only to be tied to our mobile devices. 

It is easy, and we hear this a lot in our coaching community that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. I promise you, there are. But what we also found was that although people were diligent about scheduling their calls, webinars or meetings – they were failing to schedule things like Facebook. Productive and unproductive time.

Here is what we know. Chances are, you are working a full time job which frees up at most, 2-3 hours a day to work on your business. It is in my opinion, anything less than 8-10 hours a week isn’t considered part time. Much more along the hobby lines.

Now that we have that out of the way…

5 Tips to Building your Network Marketing or Direct Sales Business Part Time

1.Don’t leave your business growth to chance. If you’re going to succeed, you need to plan and be both proactive and productive.  Determine what time-management system works best for you, and use it. Consider using the Container Activity.

2. How many hours this week do you intend to devote to your business? Do you need to get up early, stay up later, or both? Plan on a weekly basis. I generally suggest that Saturdays are great planning days, but pick a time and day that makes the most sense for you to stay consistent with.

3. Use your lunch time and other scheduled breaks to build your network marketing or direct sales business. Meet prospects for lunch, write follow-up notes, or study your personal development — any activity that will help you take your business to the next level.

4. Stay positive. Negative thoughts waste time and blind you to the business-building opportunities around you. Focus on your goals, not your setbacks. (say that one out loud!)

5. Keep a daily task list of how you’re using your time each day. This will show you where you can improve on your time-management as time goes along. And, this will also help you identify where you can make shifts or adjustments if necessary.

Let’s look at a few things that you need to consider when building your network marketing or direct sales part time – if the goal is extra, residual income.

I want to go back to the notion of time – or lack thereof.

It’s not always that you have more to do, but if those things seem like they’re in conflict–even when the source of the conflict is unrelated to time–you can still get the feeling of being time-constrained. This can be exemplified through double booking or soccer practice cutting into business time, etc. business part time

This is where the time management bit is key. Simply saying, ‘I’ll work my business 8-10pm every night‘, isn’t realistic. Don’t get me wrong, I think the right intentions are there. But, the likelihood of having the dedication to that – 7 days a week, is very unlikely.

Don’t be afraid to change things up a bit.

Start with the priorities. The ones that are outside of your business. Family commitments, job requirements, etc. Those are examples of ones that are generally on a fixed schedule (to some degree) – and, they can vary from weeknight to weekend. So next time instead of dropping little Joey off at baseball practice and you visit the mall – use that time to work your business.

Budget that time in around your commitments. 

When you have too much on your plate, you can work to overcome stress by establishing priorities.

Sometimes part of the conflict is not having a clear idea of what you should be doing first, and this makes you feel like you’re being pulled into different directions.

Take time to make a list of your objectives

Such as being healthy, having a producing business, and creating good relationships with a family, friends and prospects. Having a written list can alleviate the problem when it comes to deciding between goals, priorities and responsibilities.

In an article I read recently, it commented on the ‘need’ for appearing busy. Too many of us seek out busyness for the sake of being busy. Stop that.

As a culture, we often hate being idle and we value productivity, but there is a growing movement toward mindfulness. You have a lot to gain from not being busy all the time. Step back and be peaceful. It doesn’t have to be scary, and it can in fact, be enjoyable.

We are in control of our sense of time.

We sense a feeling that we’re time constrained, yet we’re more time affluent than we think we are. If we can manage our experience of time we will start to see that.

I think where some of the busyness message stemmed from, was misunderstanding the concept of urgency. I can remember being trained on sales calls where you are encouraged to give the illusion of a full calendar when booking a follow up call or visit. And, unfortunately we can’t see to escape the ‘only have three spots left‘ style posts.

Maybe it’s a misrepresentation of time.

We could really call it whatever we want – where it matters is what can we do about it. The follow is how this all matters to building a network marketing or direct sales business part time. Time, will be your biggest obstacle or objection. So getting ahead of it will help I promise.

Building your Business Part Time Awareness Activity

Picture that each day is a container. One that has room for 24 parts.

Pay attention to all the things you do today and tomorrow, and try to notice all the things you’re fitting into the container of your day.

What websites are you going to in the morning? In the evening? What games are you playing on your phone? Are you reading? Type of work are you doing? How much time are you spending in email, on Facebook, on Pinterest, on Instagram? business part time

How much time on blogs, online shopping sites, Youtube? Much TV watching? How much time do you spend cleaning, taking care of other people? How much time driving around or commuting? What are you spending the valuable commodity of your attention on?

What you might realize is that you’re fitting a lot of junk into the container.

Toss some of that out. Stop yourself from certain sites or apps until you’ve done a few really important tasks. Like, connect with five (5) new people today before scrolling the newsfeed or watching that video.

Notice also that you’re committed to a lot of things. Those commitments are filling up your life. Start getting out of some of them, and saying ‘no’ to new ones. It is easy to get caught in the web of being yes sayers – again, it is generally out of great intentions – but they are not great when they are affecting us and our business.

Now look at your list.

How Many of Those Things can you Reasonably do Today?

If you could only do three things today, which would be the most important? Find the tasks that have the most impact, that matter most to your ability to build you business part time, and its life. Choose carefully, because you only have so much room in your ‘container’.

Now ask yourself this – which task would you do if you could only do one task today? That should be what you put your focus on next. Just that one task. You can’t do your entire list today, and you can’t do your top three tasks right now.

So just focus on one important task.

Clear everything else away, and focus on that. This is a great way of practicing to eliminate distractions. If you are prospecting on Facebook consider turning of your notifications and chat. Make a list of the places you want to visit while you are there; groups, local interest pages, etc.

Challenge yourself to stick to the business part time plan. A plan can always be altered later to suit your business needs, but a plan needs to be followed before we know if it works or not. Call it, trial and error.

By picking your tasks carefully, you’re taking care with the container of your time. Regardless of the way you choose the parts – you’re being conscious about the choices. You’re treating it like the precious gift that it is: limited, valuable, to be filled with the best things, and not overstuffed with things with little to no impact.

Knowing and recognizing where you spend your time is a great place to start on spending it more wisely.

Lastly, I wanted to share what a typical hour in my day looks like in hopes of giving you some inspiration to hear how you will plan and manage your productive time!

Coach Fryer’s One Hour Tasks

  • 15 minutes of Personal Development
  • 15 minutes creating social media content strategy
  • 30 minutes connecting with new people to my Facebook Lives and/or communities

This hour could be repeated several times throughout my day – one used to start or finish the day – and so on. Once you create the strategy, stay consistent with implementing it – it forms a habit. And, before you know it – time starts to feel less pressured, more focused – and ultimately, productive.


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