amidst a global crisis

Growing a Business with Grace Amidst a Global Crisis

Should I be trying to grow my business amidst a global crisis? My simple answer is this, YES! However, I do believe there are right and wrongs ways of doing so. And quite frankly, I have seen enough sleazy content out there that I felt compelled to speak on it.

Because listen, as a community of business owners, network marketers and entrepreneurs we need to do better. I don’t believe this is the time to let the business you’ve built or that you’re building turn into a bash the 9-5ers primarily because many of those people are who your customers and/or prospects are.

Why amidst this global crisis have we lost integrity, compassion and genuine care for others?

Your name and your reputation is on the line — people are watching, what are they seeing from you?

Amidst a Global Crisis …

here are my top 3 tips on how to do build your business with grace.

Educate your Audience

As I mentioned above please stop bashing those who have a job. Think about it, these people are hurting. Maybe they’re unsure how they’re going to keep their homes and family above water. It might be they’re thinking about food on the table or bills to pay. Why would you ever bash the very people who more than likely are people who would support your business?

Take this time to educate others on your products and/or services. The same way you were before this global crisis entered our lives. There’s just no need to cross this pandemic with your business — because sure, everyone has the best products, right? We get it. But stick to the script of building your business instead of attempting to cross the two and create that panic buy or, turn people away.

Focus on delivering value and staying consistent. Be that steady and reliable person for others.

Stop Focusing on the Hysteria

You’ve heard the saying before; negativity breads negativity and, the same applies in the here and now. Many peoples’ lives have been turned upside down amidst this global crisis why would you add to it? Why would you want to create more panic and fear in others?

Think for a moment how refreshing a post of positivity would be for so many people who follow you right now. Picture how much more impact you can create spreading motivational, inspirational and uplifting content. Focus on the good!

Be a Beacon of Hope

I understand there’s mass chaos happening all over the place. And, I definitely don’t want your business to take a hit. So when I talk about taking this opportunity to grow your business, what I’m referring to is taking this opportunity to;

  1. Serve
  2. Lead
  3. Be an encouragement

If you act like a professional and simply be there for others, they may not act with you right now but they’ll remember your love during a tough time. People are hurting, let’s be a shining example for those who aren’t quite in the entrepreneurial mindset, yet.

That is how you are going to attract more people to your business. And these are the powerful connections that will serve you down the road. Make the most of the time you have right now.

How are YOU managing during this chaos right now? Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything I can do to serve you.

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