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Building Momentum in your Network Marketing Business

Are you trying to find the secret to building momentum in your network marketing business? This post is designed to help you achieve a few critical things; recognize momentum, strategies on how to create it, and ways to help you sustain it.

Building momentum in network marketing can feel like the be all and end all, right? It’s not always easy to build, it’s a wild adrenaline rush while you’re in it, and it can be easy to lose.

So let’s go to the beginning.

What is momentum in Network Marketing?

Companies, go through four (4) different phases of growth;

  1. Formulation Phase
  2. Concentration Phase
  3. Momentum Phase
  4. Stability Phase

… and with that, there are two different types of momentum when it comes to your business

  1. Company momentum
  2. Personal momentum

So, what’s the difference?

There is no sure way of being able to know when a company will reach momentum or even how long it will last. However, once a company has secured a desired number of leaders, and all was set in the formulation and concentration phase – the company will likely experience some massive growth. (the existing part — right)

It is possible that building momentum in your business can last 1-2 years, but it is also possible to extend beyond that providing the right foundation was set in the first place.

It is often during this phase that millionaires are born, and providing those leaders know how to sustain personal momentum in their business (and their team) the duplication effect can be powerful stuff.

Now, let’s talk a little bit more about your onus.

Personal Momentum in Network Marketing

Picture yourself when you first started your business. It is probable you made some type of list of people to contact first often referred to as hot market or warm market and you also made some sort of plan with your sponsor. The plan included plans to contact you list and a timeframe to do so.

Sounding familiar?

What is important to remember is the actions you do now, will pay you maybe next month, maybe even next year. Plant the seeds the harvest will come.

Now, key to building momentum early in your career is this;

 ‘work your first week of the month like you work your last week’.

Does that resonate with you?

Can you shift the urgency from the first week from the last?

The key to building momentum is consistency.

Make a plan and execute it. This involves strategy — be super clear with your plan and expectations.

Time frames may vary and require commitment. A minimum 30 days is recommended but we often see them extended to runs like, a 90 day run (probably the most common time frame spoken of).

The pivotal component to this is pick a time frame you will stick to. No exceptions. No excuses.

Be Realistic.

The daily actions you implement will start your first wave of personal momentum in network marketing. With a minimum of 30 days, this should be enough time to create a habit. And so, your plan will start to become part of your every day.

Assuming that prospecting is part of your plan (and I assure you it should be), be aware of where you are prospecting. Meaning, keep in mind the process of prospecting will vary from one avenue to the next – especially online, your prospects are endless but the relationship may take a little bit more time, and all worth it.

Do not focus on your results while building momentum.

Put your head down and get to work. Focus instead on your routine and consistency. There will be plenty of time to evaluate/adjust. Once your time commitment is approaching its prescribed time, and ready for renewal, this is the time to focus on activities done and results achieved.

Please do not get caught in analysis paralysis.

What will show as a huge achievement for yourself one day may not the next. And that’s where the demise for building momentum often lies. The last thing you want to do while you are creating momentum in Network Marketing is fall victim to yourself.

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