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How to Grow Genuine Connections FAST on Social Media

We know that building genuine connections grow businesses, right?

So, I want to ask you a couple questions before we dive in …

  1. Are you already creating content on social media?
  2. Are you getting people engaging on your posts?


I would like to believe that you answered YES to both of these questions. Although the latter question may not be where you want it to be, you know that people are seeing your content. Well guess what? You’re 10 steps ahead of the person who isn’t creating content so huge congrats.

But … let me ask you another question …

Are you growing genuine connections with those engaging on your content?

Truth is, I don’t see anyone truly doing this right now. And, I want to show you how to grow those connections using one simple strategy.

The Golden Strategy to Growing Genuine Connections



The next time you make a post, I want to encourage you to reach out to every single person who engages on it with a 10-15 second voice note in messenger. Based of course on your level of influence, if you are seeing hundreds of comments, try batching these responses or at the very least getting through as many as you can.

Voice notes are SUPER personable and continue to be underused in my own humble opinion.

When you reach out to grow these genuine connections, I want you to use this 3-part formula;

  1. Name (use their name when you open your greeting)
  2. Appreciation (show some gratitude for the love they showed you)
  3. Question (ask them something open ended which will ’cause’ them to respond’)


When people are interacting on your content, why aren’t you moving those relationships to second or third base? They have already showed you interest, time to leverage that and lead with being a good human first.

We are in Relationship Based Businesses …


…. and too often we lose sight of that. If you want to initiate conversations, nurture those relationships and continue growing these genuine connections — it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and add this strategy to your DMO list today!


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genuine connections