build better relationships on Facebook

5 Ways to Build Better Relationships on Facebook

Whether the relationships be professional or personal, we can all stand to learn how to improve upon them, right? See, we know that network marketing is primarily based on this ideology (relationship marketing after all) … so wouldn’t it be in your best interest to learn how to build better relationships?

Especially when we’re dealing with a noisy and multi tasking social media world?

Of course it would be!

In this post I will show you 5 ways to build better relationships on Facebook.

What is the Purpose of Relationship Building?


The word relationship can be defined as a connection between 2 (or more) people. The key word being connection or, connected. And so, think about your current relationships – both on and offline.

Think about why you are connected to these people, what do you like about them, and so on.

The goal, is to create these sorts of relationships with our prospects, customers, team members, etc. Yes, some will grow deeper than others but the overall process should remain the same. Each person should be made to feel heard and cared for in some capacity.

Think about what you expect from someone in a relationship – when you are the receiving and the giving end. Consider the purchases you’ve made from others – had they treated you like just anybody else would that have changed your buying decision?

I hope these next few tips will help you both cultivate and nurture relationships for your business.

5 Ways to Build Better Relationships on Facebook

I will go into a lot more depth on building better relationships in our Facebook community so be sure you are plugged in there. Additionally, if you ever have questions on executing the tips taught here – I do our very best to reply to each and every comment and email I receive.

So please, don’t hesitate to drop your questions or feedback before you go!

Using Names. First Names are Best (respectfully) 


When you hear someone call you by your name, it feels good, right? This is applicable offline for sure but often overlooked in social media. When you are responding to comments or even leaving one do what you can to include the other person’s first name.

For example; Leonard thank you so much for your comment we appreciate you!

What this tells Leonard is that you took the time to include a personal touch. This may seem trivial to you but I assure you this little extra effort goes a long way.

Involve your Audience, Everywhere!


Remember how I mentioned above about people wanting to be heard?

Imagine you put a call out to your audience for their favorite book and to include an image in their reply. This not only gets people commenting on your content – but helps you catch a glimpse of what they love. And, it helps when they go the extra mile to include an image! It’s an odd type of engagement conditioning I’ll call it … but doesn’t make it any less effective.

Then, to take this to the next level consider this;

A week later you create a post that includes one of your audience’s book images and anything they may have said about it. This does 2 powerful things;

  1. shows the person you included in the post that you heard them and,
  2. helps the rest of your audience want to be more involved in future posts.


When your audience feels heard, that is where the GOOD stuff happens!

Also, user generated content is the BEST content you can put out there. Take a few minutes to scroll your comment sections they will tell you everything you need/want to know.

Never Lose Sight of Transparency or Authenticity


The businesses that crush it on social media are often the ones that are transparent and authentic with their audience. For example, being truthful in their story and opener vulnerable in what they’re sharing.

Remember: relationships and even better relationships are not built overnight. You need to be consistent and genuine to build that loyal ‘following’. And the more you get to know your audience, the more genuine and trustworthy you will become to them.

Never Ignore your Audience


You’re busy, right? I get it because, we all are. Make the time in your schedule to respond to your audience – always. This doesn’t mean you need to be there at their every call but at the very least acknowledge their participation in your content.

You may consider doing this with liking their comment (using the other reactions are better) and/or replying to their responses as well. If someone comments and it’s just left unrecognized what would prompt them to engage the next time?

Focus on the Journey not just the Results


Always remember that Facebook is a social  platform. You are there to socialize with your audience.  Like any social platform, you need to be actively engaged – or you can’t possibly expect it in return.

You are here primarily to Entertain, Educate and Empower


Constant self-promotion is not interesting and can be nauseating to most (sorry, not sorry). However, when you are trusted and valued you can lead people just about anywhere including those conversations where you ask for the sale.

LOVE on your audience and you will be well on your way to building better relationships on Facebook (and elsewhere of course). Put your ears (or eyes) to good use.

These are areas that should never be overlooked in your business and it is imperative to your success in network marketing, for sure!

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