build confidence in yourself

5 Ways to Build Confidence in Yourself

Our inner critic can often be our worst enemy. In this post, you’re going to learn 5 ways to build confidence in yourself. This is an important topic for me — and an experienced one — because confidence is a huge component to success.

When we lack in the confidence department our prospects can feel that. And think about it, would you buy from or hire someone who wasn’t confidence in what they were ‘selling‘ you? No, probably not. Now I appreciate that growing self-esteem and nurturing confidence can sound easier than it is however, it is also entirely possible.

Truth is, most network marketers at one point or another allow the fear, doubt and negativity to creep in. However, successful people don’t wait for the confidence to magically appear — they work for it.

Much of our confidence stems from conviction.

Ask yourself this;

How much conviction and belief do you have in your product or service?

Kassandra Vaughn (author, teacher, coach) wrote a great article on Medium about the topic; conviction. Below, I wanted to briefly include a few points she made on this topic before diving into your 5 tips today.

  1. I CAN and MUST start this business
  2. I have EVERY ability to figure out how to make this business successful
  3. When failure hits, I WILL learn from it, grow from it and leverage it to create success
  4. I have a tribe that I’m meant to serve. They’re for me and I’m for them and they won’t be served fully unless I get out of my comfort zone and build this business
  5. This business is the key to my family’s financial future. It is my obligation to create financial freedom and long lasting security for the people I love

Now, let’s dive into building your confidence …

This video is a little bit older BUT, I’m bringing it back because the tools to build your confidence doesn’t age or change — the goal is for you to see changes within yourself using the 5 ways we’ll dive into.

5 Ways to Build Confidence in Yourself


Like any ‘self-help’ strategy, it’s important that you are hyper honest with yourself. Take the necessary time to evaluate where you are on the scale of self-confidence. When we can understand explicitly where we’re at it, it gives us an appropriate starting point. Meaning, we peel back those layers and we dig a little deeper because how can we know where to go when we don’t know where we’re starting from?

Auditing yourself can happen in a variety of areas including, how to build confidence in yourself.

Let’s GO!

Imagine who you want to Become


When you think about your goals, dreams and desires — what does that look like for you? How detailed and explicit are you being with your vision? See, we can all get caught up in striving to be like someone else but the key here is becoming the best version of YOU.

Suggested activities to explore this; journaling, creating a vision board, working with a coach or mentor.

Make Daily Affirmations a Habit


Warning: this will feel awkward at first for most people. Often, the loudest voice we hear is the negative one between our ears, right? I would encourage you to shift the negative self-talk and replace it with affirmations.

Suggested activity for this; look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself ‘you are capable’, ‘you are deserving’, ‘you are successful’. (ideally, you find the affirmations that suit your needs/wants)

Get out of that Comfort Zone


You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone’ Roy T. Bennet.

Fear, doubt and uncertainty keep us snug as a bug (that’s my dad language shining through!) inside our comfort zones. One of the best ways to build confidence in yourself is to GET OUT OF THEM! Whether it be going Live on Facebook or creating reels on Instagram — get out there! Yes it will be scary, of course it might make you nervous but, great things comes from getting out of that comfort zone.

Suggested activities for this; create a list of things you know would better serve you and your audience and take action on one thing on that list every single day. Some of them you may need to repeat over and over and that’s OK! Take action in putting yourself out there with a goal of creating a bigger impact!

Help and Serve Someone Today

An almost immediate way to build confidence in yourself is by serving someone else. There is something super fulfilling when we’ve helped someone in one way, shape or form. It might be as simple as answering a question, leading someone to a great resource, assisting them with a need, etc. Create acts of servitude regularly and the confidence you achieve from this, will pour into your business.

Suggested activities for this; take a quick scroll of your timeline on social media — stop at the first post that poses a question or a suggestion. If you can provide value — provide it. A great place for this may also be found in Facebook Groups that you are a part of — spread your value daily.

Impact Playbook

Self Care isn’t Selfish, it’s Necessary


How often are you doing something for yourself? If it’s not every day — it should be! Self care can be described as; the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress. What type of self care are you practicing daily?

Suggested activities for this; read a good book, take a bath, go for a walk, head to the spa, sit by the ocean, paint, write, play a game of golf, and everything else in between!

Regular self care is a PERFECT practice for helping you build confidence within yourself. They are the little things that help ‘fill our cup’ so that we can continue to serve others.

How committed are you on working on the above ways to help build your confidence in the coming weeks, months and years? Would love your commitment below in the comments!

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build confidence in yourself