Branding yourself on social media in network marketing

Branding Yourself on Social Media | Network Marketing

You will find this post helpful whether you are looking into branding yourself or if you are solely looking to increase your influence on social media. We know that social media is a noisy place – so how do you stand out? Why should people follow you? Listen to you? Even buy from you?

Here’s the truth; if you are not committed to branding yourself on social media, you will just blend in with everyone else. And frankly, we believe you deserve more.

The whole truth, is that we believe anyone can be successful in network marketing using social media — the right way. So, let’s look at the number one thing you need to know.

Branding Yourself on Social Media | Network Marketing

Although there are several aspects about building your brand on social media today we want to focus on what we believe to be the primary starting point. Your name is your brand.

Seriously, too often network marketers get caught in this strange place when it comes to branding. Some people rush out and have a logo made or fall into the whole ‘I need a website of my own!‘. We want to encourage you to start with the basics. We need the foundation before we can build a mansion – so to speak.

Branding Yourself on Social Media

In this video,  I share with you how pivotal and influential your name is on social media. Your name literally (and figuratively) follows you everywhere. What are you attaching to it?

Think about the last time you responded to a comment in a Facebook Group. Looking back, was the response valuable to the poster? Or, was it of value to the person you responded to?

As humans we are naturally curious beings, right? Consider how many people may have clicked on your name to essentially – check you out – based on your comment. When we are mindful of how many people may be watching us we may increase the effort we put into our responses.

And, as I demonstrate in this video when commenting on a post that is already filled with comments – each of those people are notified when you have left a response. The more we are interactive in communities like Facebook Groups, the more familiar our names become.

What does your name say about you?

Here is a quick activity you can do to see just how influential (or not) your name is to your brand.

Do a Google search for your name.

Open an incognito window on your browser, so that your Google search is free from any personal customizations or saved search elements. Then search for:

  1. Your name, first and last
  2. Variations of your name (if any)
  3. Your full name, nickname, middle name
  4. Any usual misspellings of your name
  5. If your name is common, add other elements that might help define you like your occupation, career, education or ‘known for’

In my case, and likely in yours, too … social media form the foundation and glue for my personal brand. Let us know in the comments – what does your Google search bring up for you?

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