getting engagement on Facebook

The Secret to Getting Engagement and Sales on Facebook

The goal of this post is to help you with the secret to getting engagement and in turn more sales, on Facebook. The truth is I don’t need to tell you that your engagement could use a little help, right? All of us are seeking ways to increase engagement … Why? Because, more engagement and quality […]

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most out of your part-time business

How to Make the Most out of your Part-Time Business

If you are like my wife and I, you are venturing into the world of entrepreneurship and starting it on a part-time basis. I get it, you are probably dreaming of having a successful full-time business, right? The time freedom, ability to say ‘yes’ when your child asks you for something or being able to travel […]

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instagram stories mistakes

3 Instagram Stories Mistakes to Avoid | Social Media Marketing

Instagram stories is probably the most popular feature on Instagram. It’s estimated (Hootsuite) that more than 500 million users use stories every day. So needless to say if you’re active on this platform and not using this feature — let that be one of your Instagram stories mistakes (before we even really got started). Now, […]

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6 Places to Create a New Relationship on Social Media

I touched on this topic a while ago and found it was time to highlight these nuggets again. So, I’m going to dive into the obvious and not so obvious ways to find your next relationship on social media. Additionally, how to approach them. Because here’s the deal the most common obstacle for people, is recruiting new […]

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costing you followers

3 Facebook Mistakes that are Costing you Followers

For those of us building an online businesses, harnessing the power of our audience is critical to success. Our audience is not only the people who can eventually turn into supporters, customers, and clients – but they also feed us ideas for blog posts, courses, products, services, and so on. And although most of us know […]

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New Year

6 Ways to Kick the New Year off Right to Create Impact

A New Year offers a bright opportunity to clear the slate, make a fresh start and set new goals. And, although this holiday season may look a little differently for many, know that you’re not alone. Also I hope you can find comfort in and know that although we have a couple weeks left of […]

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stressed out entrepreneur

Something Every Stressed Out Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

You will probably agree with me that 2020 has been a year that has challenged us all. Recently I spoke at a high level mastermind in Sedona, Arizona where I shared a glimpse into what I’ve ‘going through’ these last few months. I’m not typically an emotional guy — but I definitely teared up as […]

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setting goals

7 Simple Steps to Setting Goals for the 2021

Setting goals is not about writing unrealistic wishes about what you want for yourself. Instead, it is about challenging yourself to achieve more (but realistically). Setting goals for your business (and your life) is critical if you want to push your business forward. And that’s the goal, right? However, so many people get stuck on […]

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Facebook Group mistakes

3 Facebook Group Mistakes to Avoid | Social Media Marketing

Facebook Groups can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool when done the right way. Unfortunately, there are a few common Facebook Group mistakes that I continue to see happening. The goal of this post is to help you identify those mistakes and, offer some actionable things you can do to avoid them. While you go […]

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explode your online sales

Explode your Online Sales with this Simple Formula

Recently, I attended a mastermind in Arizona (one of my favorite places to visit!). It was here, where I was able to not only train at but learn from other incredible entrepreneurs. I took away a TON of great nuggets from this event but one in particular really stood out and one that I believe […]

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