grow through the tough times in business

3 Ways to Grow Through the Tough Times in Business

As network marketers (and/or entrepreneurs) you will face tough days. Some will be more challenging than others and those who make it through will tell you the good always outweighs the bad . However, when we are faced with the challenges it’s so tempting to just quit, ‘take a hiatus’ or blame the business as […]

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overcoming network marketing pyramid scheme objections

How to Overcome the Pyramid Scheme Objection

Having to hear objections from your prospects when you pitch your products and business to them can be quite discouraging. You will hear some of the common rants and a few new ones that will lead to a distorted opinion in your head regarding network marketing (maybe even second guessing yourself!). One of the most […]

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provide value on social media

How to Provide Value on Social Media | Home Based Business

When you are looking to provide value on social media, it is all about knowing your target audience and what they’re interested in. This way, you can best serve them, impact their lives and their provide to their needs. Once you’ve established how you can help, it’s time to deliver. And, one of the questions […]

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social platforms

6 Social Platforms for Building a Business | Impact 2021

If you’re building a business there’s no secret you should be using social platforms, right? But how do you decide which one is best for your business? It’s probably of no surprise that Facebook continues to reign supreme as far as the top platforms go. However, I believe that knowing which other social platforms for […]

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choose the right network marketing company

How to Choose the Right Network Marketing Company

Ever watched the show, The Profit with Marcus Lemonis? In short, he advises struggling entrepreneurs who need help rebooting their business. Using his years of experience and often investing his own money, Lemonis empowers the business owners to find innovative ways to rescue or grow their company. Needless to say — I’m a fan. And so […]

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repurpose video content

4 Ways you can Repurpose Video Content

Learning how to repurpose video content in my opinion, should be a priority. There are a few reasons for this; saves you time constant funnel of ideas helps you reach a variety of platforms in no time.   I get it – many people when asked about their goals in network marketing, it’s to achieve […]

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narrative content network marketing

Spend More Time with Narrative Content for your Business

Successful businesses are built on stories. People have loved hearing stories for thousands of years and we are seeing increased growth as far as stories go in marketing efforts today. See, effective marketers and entrepreneurs are shifting so much more of their content to narrative content. Why? Because it works. It elicits the right emotion […]

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social media storytelling

Social Media Storytelling Step-By-Step for Social Media

Seth Godin says marketing is, “the art of telling a story that resonates with your audience and then spreads”. And, what we know in the network marketing profession is stories ‘sell’, right? However, the art of social media storytelling goes well beyond the home based business scope — it’s business, period. Good business I should add. […]

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launching your social media business

How to Launch your Social Media Business | Part Five

Social media is one of the most valuable marketing assets for any brand and it’s especially true for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s easily accessible, millions of people are using it on a daily basis and, it’s a free way to market your business. But the question I hear most often from network marketers isn’t whether or […]

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how to launch your network marketing business using referrals

How to Launch Your Business on Social Media | Part Four

Welcome to Part Four of my series on how to launch your network marketing business on social media. If you haven’t checked out the first 3 parts of this series, check them out below; How to Launch your Business on Social Media | Part One How to Launch your Business on Social Media | Part […]

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