tell better stories on social media

3 Ways to Tell Better Stories on Social Media

You’ve heard it plenty of times before … facts tell stories sell. And yet, so many online entrepreneurs continue to miss the mark on this one. In this post, you can expect to learn 3 ways to tell better stories on social media … because, people want to know you. People buy from others they feel […]

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Facebook loves most

Which Style of Posts is it that Facebook Loves the Most?

Here’s what we know about what Facebook loves; the algorithm will prioritize ‘meaningful interactions‘ from friends and family over content from brands. It has become harder than ever to get your organic content the screen time it deserves. And yet, there are clear studies that tell us what Facebook loves the most but are you […]

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Branding for Impact

Have you Considered the Benefits to Personal Branding?

I’ve been in and around the network marketing industry for about 15+ years now. My wife Dani and I started as distributors in a company where we saw some great success (eventually!) and now, I’ve been coaching in the space for about 6 years. So, why personal branding? Anybody who works as a network marketer knows […]

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being relatable to your prospects

How Relatable are you to your Prospects?

Being able to build your business effectively means knowing how to get your prospects to lower their guard. You have to make your prospects feel comfortable with you. People buy from those they know, like, and trust, right? Then ask yourself; how relatable am I? How many times have you pitched a prospect who was completely uninterested […]

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more engagement

3 Simple Principles to Get More Engagement on Facebook

I don’t need more engagement on Facebook – said no one ever! Everyone loves engagement and, the more — the better. Primarily because we can make a loose parallel that more engagement could equate to more sales. This goes for anyone in any industry. Especially however, in network marketing. More engagement on posts helps with […]

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building relationships on social media what they don't telll you

Building Relationships | What they don’t tell you

Human beings are naturally social creatures, right? We crave friendships and positive interactions, similar to the way we do with things like food and water. So, it makes sense that the better our relationships are the happier and more productive we’re going to be. However, there is much more to building relationships than a cold […]

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Facebook Stories Features

Maximizing the Stories Features on Facebook

Facebook Stories more than likely started to feel like ‘one more thing’ to learn, right? Well, here’s the good and bad news. Yes, it is one more thing to learn (bad news) and yes, it is worth it (good news). In this post, I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to help take the […]

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sell more products using stories

How to Sell More Products Using Stories

Fun Fact:  In August 2021, 85% of our clients who generated new recruits and sales, did so using stories. I don’t know about you but that is POWERFUL stuff. In this blog, you’ll receive 3 of my top tips in how they were (and are) making it happen using Facebook and Instagram stories. These are […]

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crush your month end goals

Top Tips to Crushing your Month End Goals

Nearing the end of the month, right? Many network marketers blame the weather, economy, politics, distractions, traffic and whatever else they can think of. Primarily, we see this when they are falling a tad short of where they would like to be. However, then there are network marketers who are determined to crush their month end […]

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Facebook Group Marketing

Facebook Group Marketing for Beginners | Social Media

In the world of Facebook Group marketing I’m asked this question a lot; should I start my own Facebook Group? My simple answer to that? YES! I love Facebook Groups for business because it allows you an opportunity to connect with new people and often in closed settings, create better relationships. We also know that Facebook has […]

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