investment into personal development

Perspective: Investment Over Expense

Let’s consider a restaurant model in the world of investment (stick with me here…). You have always had this dream of owning and operating a restaurant. A Mexican Restaurant (I love tacos!) You have spent time researching the costs it would entail to open and operate this business. You would consider everything from; location, staffing, […]

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genuine connections

How to Grow Genuine Connections FAST on Social Media

We know that building genuine connections grow businesses, right? So, I want to ask you a couple questions before we dive in … Are you already creating content on social media? Are you getting people engaging on your posts?   I would like to believe that you answered YES to both of these questions. Although […]

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25 Social Media Prompts

25 Social Media Prompts to Fill your Content Calendar

There’s nothing worse than experiencing a creative block, right? Especially when you are building a business online. In this post, I am going to give you 25 social media prompts to help you steer clear of those blocks and fill up your content calendar with ease. (for additional content creation support be sure to check […]

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social media presence

10 Tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence

You will probably agree with me that social media is here to stay. And, as an entrepreneur, creating a better and stronger social media presence is more than likely on your priority list. (This also applies to small business owners, network marketers, etc.) And, just because you know that social media isn’t going anywhere it’s […]

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conversation starters

Conversation Starters for Prospecting on Social Media

Social media is an important aspect of any brand. In a post that HubSpot posted, they reported that social media produces almost double the marketing leads of traditional outbound methods. But, there are strategies to this. You can’t do this by simply creating a page and mindlessly posting updates. Conversation starters are helpful, right? They give […]

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Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint to Achieving More Sales

It’s no secret that if you are building a business right now — you need to be building it online (somehow!). If you’re anything like I was (about a decade ago), you know you should be but you’re not entirely sure where to start. What can feel like so many different options or opinions can […]

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time management strategies

5 Time Management Strategies to Make the Most of Today

Anyone working from home, will find that time management is extremely important to you and your success. You have to work it just like it was full-time (or part-time) ‘job’. Some people right now are experiencing what full-time work from home looks like and, I hope to help you with the following 5 time management […]

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social media no-no's

Social Media No-No’s for Direct Sales Consultants

This post is for you if you are in the direct sales or network marketing space. Like anything new, it can feel like throwing noodles at the wall to see if they’ll stick. And, trial and error can be great learning experiences. However, in this post I’m going to help you with 3 social media […]

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create duplication in your network marketing business

3 Simple Steps to Create Duplication in your Business

We have spent a lot of time focussing on prospecting and recruiting — but what about duplication? Would it be helpful for you to learn 3 simple steps you can follow to create duplication in your business? Great — stick around for this post then! You see, when you learn the skills necessary to create […]

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TikTok Customers

Explode your Customer Growth on TikTok

I will be the first to admit it — I was RESISTANT to TikTok. I had an assumption that my ideal audience wouldn’t be there, it was for the younger crowd and quite frankly believed it wouldn’t last. Until one day, I was chatting with a great friend of mine who was going on about […]

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