recommended books

Top 10 Recommended Books for Network Marketing and Direct Sales

After having zero success in network marketing in my first four years there were 2 things I realized I needed more of. 1) Learning the ins and outs of social media and attraction marketing, and 2) Diving into the recommended books for network marketing (and direct sales). I also understood the knowledge is only power […]

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social impacter

What is a Social Impacter and Why Network Marketers Should Care

There is no question that experiencing the culture of network marketing is exciting for most people. We might also be able to agree that we are in the business of growing people, changing lives, and having the ability to earn an income along the way. You may have entered the industry because you were inspired […]

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next recruit

8 Places to Find Your Next Recruit on Social Media

In this post, we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of where to find your next recruit on social media and, how to approach them. Because here’s the deal, of all my coaching clients, and audience through my social media the most common obstacle for people, is recruiting. I often hear a lot […]

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network marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Starting in Network Marketing on Social Media

Whether it be an extra stream of income you seek or a chance to see how you fare as an entrepreneur, becoming an independent distributor for a network marketing (MLM) company is a viable option. Multi-Level Marketing companies, often referred to as network marketing or direct sales, provide a proven product, marketing plan, ideally mentorship, […]

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Tips To Recruit More People On Social Media | Network Marketing

When it comes to the business of network marketing, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to recruit more people – customers and distributors alike, into your organization week after week, month after month? Of course it would be! And, without knowing your own personal circumstances, I would imagine that this can be a daunting […]

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recruiting challenge

Recruiting Challenge | How She Recruited 20 People in 7 Days

Allow me to introduce you to a woman who took part in our Community for Network Marketers and Direct Sales Consultants,  ‘7 Day Recruiting Challenge‘. Perhaps I should rephrase that – a woman who in fact, won the challenge! The video below will take you through my exclusive interview with her and how she recruited […]

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network marketing tips

Network Marketing Tips and Training for New Distributors

You may, at one time, had an idea of what network marketing is and found it to be completely different than what you had expected. Turns out, it isn’t just about Tupperware parties or Avon catalogues. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you might agree that things have shifted a bit. Or […]

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recruit new people

Recruit New People Into Your Business, Every Single Month

Would it be cool to be able to recruit new people into your business month after month? The most sought after skillset in the network marketing profession is recruiting. But, on the flip side it is also the least cared about when it comes to learning and getting better. The irony right? This friendly, PDF […]

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How She Recruited 100 People In 30 Days In Her Business

You might be thinking, how is that even possible! What I will suggest for a moment is instead of asking yourself how she did it – ask yourself how you can too. Perhaps it is responsible of me to add that there are a number of variables, naturally, but let me give you a little back story and […]

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network marketing

Network Marketing And The Dealership Sales

You are a network marketing professional, your goal is to attract customers and new distributors to your business. Operative word, attract. So why do we go at it like we’re the car sales person at the dealership?! Picture this … You made the decision to purchase a new (or used) vehicle. Arrive at the dealership, […]

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