branding yourself

5 Tips for Branding Yourself on Social Media

This is a topic that comes up quite often in the network marketing space. You see, traditionally it made sense for people to want to tell everyone they knew their company name. They did things like home parties, and dealing down on the phones. And, yes these things still happen – and no shame in that game […]

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Influencers on Social Media | Leveraging Them To Boost Your Business

Influencer, a word that we have started to hear a lot of in the last few years. And, rightfully so. According to an article in ‘Influencer Analysis’, they describe an influencer is an individual who has above average impact on a specific niche process. They, are normal people. Who, are often connected to key roles […]

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Duplication In Your Network Marketing Business

Duplication, the everything of network marketing. Despite being one of those infamous buzz words – it is one of the most important aspects to master. And, although this is easier said than done, knowing how to create duplication within your team is key. This means whether you be working with a team of two or two […]

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video marketing

Video Marketing Benefits for Network Marketers

Last year and into 2017, we saw a huge increase in the popularity of video marketing format for content delivery. We were introduced to 360-degree videos to Facebook Live. And, marketers should be responding to audiences’ shorter attention spans by making content more interactive and visual. Those who have adjusted are seeing a pay off. Video marketing […]

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powerful storytelling

Powerful Storytelling Techniques For Network Marketing

This post focuses on narrative and powerful storytelling techniques for network marketers. A previous post touched on them a little bit through social media marketing (you can find that post here).  There are two sides to this; Learning how to tell your own story and, Using storytelling and/or narrative posts on social media   Although […]

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Social Media Marketing for Network Marketers

Here are a few things to consider before we dive into the ideology of using Social Media Marketing for you network marketing business. This too, applies to anyone involved in the direct sales model, peer distribution, etc. It can be overwhelming, addictive, and confusing – meanwhile it can also be rewarding. Very rewarding. And, through […]

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Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing Secrets For Network Marketers

Have you pictured yourself in a place where you are acquiring customers and distributors into your network marketing business effortlessly? Or, can you envision being the hunted versus the hunter? One of the biggest success tips from top leaders and income earners in our professions stems from attraction marketing. Knowing and applying this skill can […]

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being authentic

Being Authentic In Network Marketing And Direct Sales

It’s possible that you are aware of a lot of the negativity that is associated with network marketing. Now, this post has nothing to do with the stigma’s attached. Instead, it has to do with what you can do, proactively to avoid many of them. You join a company, you love the products and you […]

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