vision network marketing

Creating a Vision for your Network Marketing Business

Vision and network marketing, what do they have in common? Do you have a vision in your network marketing business that you will reach your goals? When you look in the mirror and see yourself looking back, what do you see? Are you proud of how things are? Or, are you striving for more? What if you could change […]

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success habits

Success Habits of Top Earners in Network Marketing

Would you want to earn 7+ figures in your Network Marketing Business? You know, it isn’t just a wild dream because you have seen many 7 and even 8 figure earners in Network Marketing space. And, they repeatedly tell us what they did to get there. They are always giving away their success habits — but […]

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Facebook algorithm

Facebook Algorithm and What Network Marketers Should Know

If you are a network marketer and you are using social media to grow your business — this is a post you won’t want to miss. Facebook algorithm, one of the most talked about subjects in the Facebook world, especially among marketers. And, what does this mean? The first assumption is that the algorithm dislikes […]

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Facebook fan page

Should Network Marketers use a Facebook Fan Page?

Wondering if you should have a Facebook fan page for your network marketing or direct sales business? This post will outline why we don’t think this is a good idea. Especially, if you are just starting out or, if you are not generating an income you are happy with. You see, it is easy to get […]

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drama in network marketing

How to Deal with Drama in Network Marketing

Network marketing is a relationship business. There are going to be people with strong personalities who will disagree at times. And guess what? That’s OK! Diversity can bring strength in and of itself. However, how you deal with drama is important. Some might like to think it is one of those things if you ignore […]

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Prospect New People Daily into your Network Marketing Business

Among the common obstacles network marketers say they face, is recruiting. However, what we are finding is most people aren’t prospecting effectively. Therefore, without knowing the skills on how to prospect new people – and the right people, of course recruiting is difficult. In this post, we want to share how you can prospect new […]

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closing the month

Closing the Month in Network Marketing and Direct Sales

If you are a network marketing professional or direct sales consultant, you will probably agree the end of the month is an exciting time. It is probably among one of the most nerve racking, anticipation building, urgent moments in your business. And, on the other side of that coin — it might be a discouraging […]

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creating culture

Creating Culture in Network Marketing and Direct Sales

Network Marketing is an incredible industry. It continues to create multiple 5, 6, and 7 figure earners every year. And, to attain this level of success it does require work. In addition, it requires building a team of people who share the same vision. The key is — people. We are a relationship business and […]

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Create a Basic Routine for your Network Marketing Business

We talk a lot about consistency being key – and this couldn’t be more true. Network Marketers, new and old, always have the best of intentions. They get in, they are fired up and then things don’t always go as planned. And, this is usually the place we people say things like ‘this is too […]

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Network Marketers Facebook profiles being deleted

Network Marketers Facebook Profiles Being Shut Down | What You Can Do

A few months ago, we heard from some people in our community that a number of network marketers Facebook profiles were being shut. This shouldn’t be confused with what we have come to know (unfortunately) as Facebook Jail. You see, Facebook Jail is essentially the same as a timeout. We know of several people who have […]

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