network marketing leader

5 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Leader

You have probably found your way to this blog because you want to become a network marketing leader. First and foremost, not everyone joins network marketing to be a leader. In fact, some people are quite content earning a couple hundred extra dollars every month and that be it. Whereas others, want the whole package. […]

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social media content

Social Media Content Strategy for Network Marketing

In the world of social media or attraction marketing, the goal is to help potential customers find you. In addition, build a strong relationship with them that will eventually, lead to sales. To attract customers, you need compelling social media content that is designed to help your business stand out from what everyone else is doing. Attracting Others […]

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Should you Focus on Recruiting or Retailing in Network Marketing?

This is a great question and one we hear quite a bit. The short answer is both. However, when you learn the skill of retailing effectively, recruiting becomes easier. A solid foundation for business starts with customers. Then, to grow that foundation recruiting distributors is the goal. Together, they are a powerhouse combination We all […]

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brand yourself

Brand Yourself in Network Marketing and NOT your Company

Consider this statement: Branding is a long-term strategy. Now, think about whether you agree with it or not. What we want to suggest is this; start (or continue) to brand yourself and not your company. Although your intentions of a long-term strategy with your company are present, after a recent poll in our Facebook community […]

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How to use the Evolving Facebook Algorithm to your Advantage

Feeling like you need to keep up with the Facebook algorithm can be exhausting. And, if you are like most of our readers, Facebook is the primary place you are building your network marketing business. So, one can appreciate why we wanted to revisit this topic — sooner than later. A little while ago, we […]

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warm market list

Warm Market List Burnout in Network Marketing, Now What?

Chances are when you joined your network marketing company, you were asked to make a list. More importantly, a warm market list. And, you probably made one while excited and still over the moon about having a business. Let’s be honest — you had your hands on a product or service that was going to change […]

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7 Free Tools Everyone in Network Marketing Could be Using

This new year, we would bet that one of your biggest New Year resolutions is to take your business to new levels of growth. A sure way to start your new year off right is to rev up your social media network marketing efforts. And, what better way to do so than with free tools? […]

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Facebook Group network marketing

Facebook Group Tips to Grow your Network Marketing Business

Though our reasons for being on Facebook and the ways we use it have evolved throughout the years, we never actually considered it for its networking purposes until a few years ago. Sure, we were part of a Facebook Group or a hundred (right?!) but we never harnessed the power. Until we did … And […]

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Facebook Visibility

Strategies to Improve your Facebook Visibility to grow your Business

You will probably agree with us when we suggest that the reach on Facebook is all over the place. This is where we see a lot of those dreaded algorithm posts (read more on the Facebook algorithm here) unfortunately. The reality is the timeline has its own rhyme or reason for showing your content. And, we hope […]

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trends network marketing

Trends Network Marketers Should Watch In 2018

These social media network marketing strategies are for those network marketers who dislike social media or love social media. It is arguably the largest form of communication in the world. And, if you really want your brand to be noticeable, social media should play a large part in your content marketing strategy. Because, these are […]

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