annoying social media

7 Annoying Social Media Habits You Should Break

When we plan out our content (a week at a time), there are a few key things we think about. The first is that the Facebook or Blog post serve the reader versus us, the author. The second thing we consider are the images or videos that pair well with the content. You know, are […]

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drama in network marketing

Overcome Social Media Drama & Negativity The Right Way

Social media, can be a very negative, pessimistic, drama-driven, angry, and hostile place—depending on who you are friends with and where you look of course. And unfortunately, network marketing professionals are certainly not exempt from this. In Fact — They are Often a Target of Drama Everywhere you go on social media; YouTube Facebook Instagram […]

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customers network marketing

Should you Focus on Customers or Distributors in Network Marketing?

When most people join a network marketing company, their focus is almost instantly on ‘who they can sign up’, right? We develop this vision of growing this enormous team of distributors and somehow, the customers are left out of the equation. Unfortunately, this is the way most people are taught to build their business. And, […]

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Selfie Stick

Top Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Your Business

Video content on the internet is similar to popcorn. You will probably agree it is always better fresh from the popcorn maker than it would be later. Words like stale and soggy come to mind. So, although we believe there is huge merit in video — period — Facebook Live Video content trumps all. You […]

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core concepts for network marketing

Core Concepts for Network Marketing and Direct Sales

Whether it is extra income every month you seek or a chance to see how far you can grow as an entrepreneur, becoming a distributor for a network marketing company is a great option. Network marketing or direct sales promise to, provide a proven product, marketing plan, mentorship, and training and support. It’s a business […]

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recruit on Facebook

Network Marketing and How to Recruit on Facebook

Are you trying to figure out how to leverage your Facebook connections to grow your network marketing business? Facebook as you know, has more than 1 Billion active users on its platform. So, it is safe to say the possibilities are endless when we know how to use it effectively. Learning how to leverage and […]

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follow-up in network marketing

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up | Network Marketing Tip

If you are in direct sales or network marketing, you have probably heard the line ‘the fortune is in the follow-up‘. However, what  does that really mean? Does it mean you harass people over and over again until they are completely sick and tired of you? Or send them your buy now link and hope […]

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daily planning for network marketers and direct sales

Weekly Planning and Scheduling for Network Marketers

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ve likely noticed that we love to plan. We rely on both pen to paper as well as digital tools on a daily basis to create to-do lists and to keep us organized. If we didn’t plan in advance, it is safe to say our […]

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network marketing leader

5 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Leader

You have probably found your way to this blog because you want to become a network marketing leader. First and foremost, not everyone joins network marketing to be a leader. In fact, some people are quite content earning a couple hundred extra dollars every month and that be it. Whereas others, want the whole package. […]

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social media content

Social Media Content Strategy for Network Marketing

In the world of social media or attraction marketing, the goal is to help potential customers find you. In addition, build a strong relationship with them that will eventually, lead to sales. To attract customers, you need compelling social media content that is designed to help your business stand out from what everyone else is doing. Attracting Others […]

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