recruiting distributors

5 Places to Start Recruiting Distributors on Facebook That Work

Recruiting Distributors – some love it the majority not so much, We’re going to dive into the ins and outs of where to find your next recruit on social media specifically on Facebook. Because here’s the deal, we know that recruiting distributors is an obstacle for most. And the hardest being … not knowing where to […]

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network marketing facts

The Truth Behind Network Marketing Facts 2018

Network marketing facts can be confusing. However, one fact has stayed consistent – it works when you work it. Think about it, there are network marketing companies as old as 120 years.  And, they have sales into  multiple billions of dollars annually. The top 100 network marketing companies are responsible for 90% of the industry $187B annual […]

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joining network marketing

4 Reasons People aren’t Joining your Network Marketing Business

Are you ever left feeling like why isn’t everyone you show your opportunity to, isn’t as excited as you? After all, you are thrilled to have opened our home based business, everyone else should be, right? Wrong. In fact, there are a variety of reasons people aren’t joining your network marketing business. And, some of […]

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Deleting Live Videos

Facebook is Deleting Live Videos | Network Marketers

You have probably noticed or heard the buzz lately; Facebook is starting to randomly delete Facebook Live videos. Now, although Facebook hasn’t released anything ‘official‘ about this happening – we see it, right? When we first heard the buzz, admittedly, we didn’t pay much attention. That was of course until we started hearing it from […]

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Facebook Mistakes

Stop Making These Common Network Marketing Facebook Mistakes

Social media can be the most lucrative resource when it comes to building a business online. Unfortunately,  most network marketers are hurting their business by using common Facebook mistakes that simply, don’t work. Admittedly, we were guilty of making these mistakes too at one time.  Probably among the biggest mistake most people make when building their […]

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business on a budget

6 Tips How to Build your Network Marketing Business on a Budget

Building a business or brand can come with a heavy price ticket. However, it doesn’t need to! There are a variety of ways that you can build a solid business without a large budget. After all, you have jumped into a company, likely bought some products and/or services and the goal right away is earn […]

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attitude of gratitude

Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude is Vital in Business

One of the greatest ways to find success in your network marketing business is through gratitude. Unfortunately, this is one of the main things marketers forget or leave out. To some degree, marketers end up so focused on the results (or lack thereof) and they miss the beauty in the process. In our opinion, adopting […]

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Missing Accountability in your Network Marketing Business?

We spend so much time and money working on and in our businesses, developing skill sets, recruiting people for  teams, helping them learn the ropes and so forth. Although, we usually leave out the most important piece of success — accountability. Ever notice how quickly we are to check on a team member or sponsor […]

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Your most Valuable Business Commodity: Time

There are many things in this world that are valuable; work, family, health, business, and so on. But it could be said that the most valuable thing you’ll ever have in this world, outside of your health, is your time. In fact, the way you use your time has a major impact on the quality […]

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network marketing story

Stop Telling the Same Old Network Marketing Story

Facts tell, stories sell. You have probably heard this a dozen times (or more). And, it couldn’t be more true. However, it is one of the most underused nuggets in the industry. Time and time again, we see people telling the same old network marketing story, right? What’s worse, is the stories are often ones […]

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