attraction marketing on Facebook

How to use Attraction Marketing on Facebook

Attraction marketing on Facebook, we get excited when we hear these words! Why? Well, because they are the reasons we were able to cultivate incredible success using attraction marketing. Much of what we will discuss today can be used across any social media platform. However, with Facebook being our favorite, we will spend more time […]

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5 Simple Ways to Improve your Self Confidence

Take a quick moment and audit where you are when it comes to self confidence, or lack thereof. This might be something you tell yourself. And, although we are all aware of how our posture, and our confidence are huge factors in the network marketing industry, it is often a huge struggle for people. It […]

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learning curve

Top 8 Ways to Shorten your Learning Curve

I remember when my wife Dani and I first joined network marketing. We thought, how hard could this be right? Well … then reality struck. I remember thinking to myself, of course everyone will want in on this. This is going to be easy. And, this isn’t because either one of us were afraid of […]

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coach network marketing

Why a Coach, Mentor or Community is a Must

Are you new to network marketing? Or, perhaps you have hit a plateau in your business? In either case, this post is absolutely for you. It is not uncommon for newcomers to feel a sense of overwhelm. And, the likelihood of frustration in those network marketing professionals who have built a solid business to hit […]

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Loyalty is Earned through Effective Relationship Marketing

Most network marketers, are familiar with the term relationship marketing. The foundation of relationship marketing is a personal or emotional connection to a brand.  This type of connection is centered on trust. Trust in you and trust in a product or service. And, as we know, where there is trust loyalty is not too far behind. […]

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Social Media Marketing Mistakes

The Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes

(updated June 2020) Social media marketing is something that everyone is doing now. Whether you are an established business or brand new to the world of entrepreneurship making sure you’re doing it right is the goal. Everyone wants to jump on the trend of making their brand known on platforms like Facebook, right? Why? Because, […]

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repurpose content

How to Repurpose Content for your Social Media

Think back to a post that you created and it received crazy amounts of engagement. Tons of comments, likes (reactions), even shares. And, when you tried to make it happen again — it fell flat. Sounding too familiar? The good news though, is that is not uncommon. Now, you might be saying to yourself, ‘OK, […]

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content calendar

How to Create a Content Calendar for Network Marketers

We think over the past while, we have been able to impress upon you that content is everything. We have covered things on creating content, what type of content is ideal, the need for planning it, etc. However, in all of that we realized we should have provided you with a detailed way on how to […]

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networking effectively

New Age Networking on Social Media

The New Networking — ‘The current generation of Avon ladies sell face creams on Facebook and scents at Starbucks – and the beauty industry is getting on board’. Avon, a multi billion dollar a year company ($8.9 billion in revenue last year) had no idea what type of movement they were starting did they, especially not […]

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quality content network marketing

6 Places to Find Quality Content for Network Marketers

As a network marketing professional, quality content is imperative. And, we appreciate it can feel like a daunting task when you are not the only one on social media selling your products or service. Content creation is one of the biggest asked questions in our Facebook communities. As a result, this post is designed to […]

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