Telling your Story without the Results Yet | Network Marketing

You’ve heard it already; Facts tell, stories sell, right? Of course. And yet, there are so many incredible people who have yet to share their story. Or, they are unsure how to share it in a way that people will care. Now yes, there are some key points you want to include of course — […]

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bad day

Grow your Business by Sharing your Bad Day on Facebook

Now, before things get a little crazy let us explain. Because, we are pretty sure you are wondering what in the world are we talking about! Right? Truth is, the common trend is ‘keep your Facebook positive!’. And, yes for the most part 100% we agree with that. So, why share your bad day on Facebook? Especially, […]

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Facebook Live Replay

Facebook Live Replay Viewers Matter, Here’s Why

Alright, so we’ve shared with you the importance of Facebook Live, right? And, recently we showed you how to create your Facebook Live Thumbnail, to optimize your videos. But, let’s focus today on your viewers. More importantly, your Facebook Live replay viewers. Too often, we focus on how many live viewers are tuning in where, […]

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facebook business tool

Does the Facebook Live Thumbnail Matter?

Oh yes it sure does matter!! This post, is going to give you the answers to the Facebook Live Thumbnail mystery. We are going to share with you why it matters, how to change it, and the best ways to manage it. You see, Facebook has a specific way of doing things, right? So, once […]

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genuine conversations

7 Tips to Having Genuine Conversations about your Business

We asked a question recently in our Facebook Community about what people would like to learn how to do better. One of the constant comments that arose was surrounding conversations. These included genuine conversations, transition to business from personal, closing, etc. And, we get it. There’s nothing worse than having a great conversation with someone […]

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network marketing tips

Top 5 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

There’s no secret that we believe, network marketing is for everyone. Everyone that is, who is prepared to put in the work and learn the necessary skills. You see, too often in our profession people have this illusion that they will launch a business and earn a fortune overnight. Whereas the reality is that this […]

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Facebook Profile Facelift

Most Network Marketers need a Facebook Profile Facelift

After all is said and done, your Facebook Profile has stood the test of time. There may have been other social media platforms that looked promising,  but Facebook continues to win. Having said that, we come across a ton of profiles that are desperate need of an overhaul. It is probable that you are not […]

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3 Reasons you are Not Recruiting New People to your Business

It is no secret that recruiting or rather, introducing and launching new distributors to your business can be especially lucrative. And, this include upfront in terms of bonuses and also in the long term to grow exponentially. We know, that the larger the sales team the larger the sales volume — usually. What’s interesting is that […]

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How Do Curiosity Posts Earn You Money?

The practice of curiosity is probably one of the most under utilized skills for earning (more) money. Think about it like this; how much of your success, personally and professionally, is because you had the mindset of curiosity. Chances are, you wanted to go beneath the surface and discover more. You were open to new experiences […]

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How to Tell your Story for Network Marketing Success

Everyone has a story worth sharing. But, you might be wondering what that has to do with your business. Or, perhaps you feel that you don’t have a story yet … This is where the words ‘story’ and ‘success’ intertwine unnecessarily. Because, you have a story that will attract others. You, have a story that others will […]

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