shorten your learning curve

7 Tips On How To Shorten your Learning Curve

The distance of your learning curve plays a key factor in determining how fast you’ll see success. For aspiring network marketers, if you’re learning a new skill (how to prospect or present your business, for example), learning how to shorten your learning curve means you’ll be able to generate income from that skill faster. To […]

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company hopping in network marketing

Company Hopping in Network Marketing | Think Twice

Probably among one of the common ‘syndromes‘ network marketers experience is shiny object syndrome. Company hopping has become such a distasteful trend in our industry. And in my opinion, we need to do better. Somewhere along the way people lose sight of network marketing being a business. Although there are a ton of attractive things […]

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frequently asked questions about network marketing

Frequently Asked Questions About Network Marketing

Network marketing is an often misunderstood business. And so often the questions have allowed me to help someone gain a greater understanding of it. Which allows us to serve others better. This post will cover the most frequently asked questions about network marketing. I believe you will find this helpful in 2 ways; you are […]

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fast start your network marketing business

How to Fast Start Your Network Marketing Business

If you are looking to fast start your network marketing business or, are looking for a restart this is the post for you. Like you, we were a beginner (or restarter) a few times over. In fact, we didn’t see any significant success until our 7th year in the industry. And so, when we left […]

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more sales on social media

The Secret to Getting More Engagement and Sales on Social Media

One of the primary tools people are using in business is social media. Regardless of the platform, achieving sales on social media is super attractive. And, it has allowed thousands of people work from the comport of their homes, coffee shops, gymnastics or baseball practices with their kids and so on. Our goal has always […]

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proven step-by-step program

A Proven Step-By-Step Program for Network Marketers

If you want to change your situation and see improved success in your network marketing business then you have to put the right work in. This is a good time to reset and start on new footing to ensure you leverage the best mentorship available to you to close out 2019. Wouldn’t access to a […]

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kids are reasons not excuses

3 Reasons Why Your Kids Are Your Reason And Not Your Excuse

Raising children is hard, right? It has its moments of ups and downs but overall — there’s no greater gift. However, we face a common predicament; we lose sight of our kids being our reason. And, we make them our excuse. Excuses can range from things like; we had soccer practice, or the baby was […]

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Facebook Live for Beginners

Facebook Live for Beginners | Network Marketing Focus

If you are in the network marketing space, this blog is for you. I work with tons of clients who are looking to take their business to the next level. And, one of my first questions to them is ‘are you using video?’ The answer to often was, ‘no’. Additionally what was interesting is that […]

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building momentum

Building Momentum in your Network Marketing Business

Are you trying to find the secret to building momentum in your network marketing business? This post is designed to help you achieve a few critical things; recognize momentum, strategies on how to create it, and ways to help you sustain it. Building momentum in network marketing can feel like the be all and end all, […]

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How to get your Prospects into Network Marketing

Prospects whether they become customers, business partners or otherwise drive our businesses, right? And, many network marketers when they get started imagine all their friends and family wanting in on the excitement too. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t happen. This might be something you are familiar with and found yourself mad or upset because they didn’t […]

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