team building tips

Team Building Tips for Network Marketers

In this post, I’m going to share with you my 3 top team building tips that you can implement in your business. In the network marketing industry, we have the opportunity to help people in 2 primary ways; customer model – sharing products and services team building – helping others achieve additional income Some people […]

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business relationship

Give as Much as you Expect to get from Every Business Relationship

Every business relationship you have with your customers and/or team members is demonstrated through your success. They are the focal point, the purpose and are in alignment with who you are. If your relationships are poor, it’s likely your business isn’t thriving. When your relationship is strong, your business is often thriving. Or, at least […]

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How to get your Prospects into Network Marketing

Prospects whether they become customers, business partners or otherwise drive our businesses, right? And, many network marketers when they get started imagine all their friends and family wanting in on the excitement too. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t happen. This might be something you are familiar with and found yourself mad or upset because they didn’t […]

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story network marketing

5 Tips to Creating your Story in Network Marketing

One of the most powerful tools in network marketing is stories. Learning how to tell your story will help not only attract people to you, but help you become relatable. Therefore, you are someone people want to spend time with. Remember, we are a relationship business. And, I know I drive this home a lot! […]

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attract leaders

3 Tips to Attract Leaders to your Network Marketing Business

Would learning how to attract leaders into your business be helpful? Are you familiar with the deck of cards analogy? Let me share that with you before we continue. Too often, network marketers get ‘hung up‘ on the idea of needing a leader. One to propel their business forward, right? And, even spend far too […]

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leverage Facebook Stories

Leverage Facebook Stories in Network Marketing

What if I told you that if you leverage Facebook Stories, consistently, you could see a 200% increase in engagement. Oh, and potentially in your business too. It is no secret that Facebook has pushed a ton of attention to their stories feature, right? And even now, the platform although growing, is not being maximized […]

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bigger network marketing team

How to Build a Bigger Network Marketing Team

When you think about recruiting, where do you think the process would be simpler? Would it be best to cold market prospect someone into your business? Or, do you think helping an existing customer transition to distributor be the way to go? I would bet you answered with the latter, right? And, in today’s blog […]

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Leveraging Facebook Groups for Network Marketing Growth

Do you ever find yourself asking ‘what am I missing that top leaders are doing to grow their business?‘ If you’re asking yourself those types of questions — you’re on the right track! Now, have you ever considered how they may be leveraging Facebook Groups to do so? See, Facebook has been telling us since mid […]

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Feeling Stuck in Business

Network Marketing Motivation | Avoid Being Stuck in Your Business

Everyone gets stuck. We all face challenges to solve, lack of energy, roadblocks, and those pesky self-sabotaging moments too. But getting stuck can be a rough one when you work for yourself. As entrepreneurs and network marketing professionals, we are responsible for our own production, right?  And, it’s important for us to be resourceful and […]

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massive success network marketing

3 Secrets to Massive Success in Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered what separates those who create massive success in network marketing and those who struggle? Even when you feel like you’re doing everything the ‘right’ way — you keep coming up short? If you have, you’re not alone! In today’s post, I am going to share with you what I believe to […]

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