Facebook Group Secrets

Make More Money With These Facebook Group Secrets

Here’s what we know right from the Facebook man himself; Facebook Groups and Communities ARE the future. So, if you are building a network marketing business, you want to get in on this. In today’s post I’m going to share with you some of my top Facebook Group Secrets that you can start to implement immediately. These […]

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facebook business tool

Facebook as a Business Tool | Attraction Marketing

Many network marketers struggle with finding the right balance when using Facebook as a business tool. One moment they are posting content that lands them GREAT engagement; family pictures life experiences funny memes … and then comes the sales type posts that lands them crickets or engagement from their sponsors or team members. Sure, this […]

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back to school

Back to School and the Impact on your Network Marketing Business

With different schools starting at different times, the back to school shopping season is longer than ever — which gives you plenty of time to cater to this audience. Everyone from parents with young children to college student will be looking for ways to save. And all different types of businesses can share the profits; […]

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using Facebook Live

Is using Facebook Live Necessary for Building a Business?

In short, the answer is ‘no‘. However, the past few years have demonstrated that using Facebook Live has propelled many businesses and brands to incredible success. Here are some of the facts (2019); The Live video view count climbed to 2 billion viewers last year. In 2017, 1 out of every 5 Facebook videos was […]

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serving others

Serving Others is the Ultimate Key to Success in Network Marketing

The problem that most aspiring entrepreneurs face is that they spend too much time focusing on themselves versus other people. The greatest success key in the industry is serving others, first. Instead, many aspiring entrepreneurs or network marketers ask questions like; What do I need to do to become an entrepreneur? How do I need […]

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team motivation

Team Motivation in Direct Sales and Network Marketing

So, you’ve figured out ways and strategies to keep you motivated. But, your team motivation on the other hand is struggling? In today’s post and included video, I am going to share with you 3 ways to help you help your team to work harder. Because like the saying goes; ‘team work makes the dream work’, […]

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overcoming obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles in Network Marketing and Business

Understanding that obstacles are something that people face no matter what business they start, today I want to share 3 of my insights on how overcoming obstacles is simpler, than you think. And, I believe it will help you and other network marketers get ahead. The majority of obstacles can be avoided. They are often […]

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online recruiting

Online Recruiting | Tips for Network Marketers

Online recruiting or frankly, recruiting in general is one of the most common obstacles people face in network marketing. Now on one hand, some people are fortunate that they have a strong hot or warm market and their business gets off to an incredible start. Whereas others, have a harder time in this area. In this […]

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attract quality prospects

Attract Quality Prospects With 7 Easy Social Media Steps

It is likely by now you have gone through the preliminary steps of setting up your social media profiles. However, in past we have found that after offering some complimentary reader audits — there are a ton of the same ‘errors’ happening. You see, when done right – your social media should attract quality prospects. Meaning, […]

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powerful residual income

The Power Behind Residual Income | Network Marketing

Although residual income isn’t a totally ‘new‘ concept – the power behind creating it continues to be an uphill trend. You see, the power lies not only having the ability to create income from home — it’s about what an extra $500-$1K every month could do for your life. The word residual means; remaining after […]

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