building relationships

Building Relationships | What they don’t tell you

Human beings are naturally social creatures, right? We crave friendship and positive interactions, jsimiolar like we do with food and water. So it makes sense that the better our relationships are, the happier and more productive we’re going to be. However, there is much more to building relationships than a cold message to pitch your […]

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grow your sales team

Grow your Sales Team using this Strategy | Attraction Marketing

First and foremost, everyone in the network marketing profession is looking to grow their sales team. This doesn’t (and shouldn’t) change regardless of the success you achieve — in my opinion. So, having said that first let’s debunk a myth before we dive in …. Connecting with new people consistently is key, right? Of course […]

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Facebook Group Secrets

Make More Money With These Facebook Group Secrets

Here’s what we know right from the Facebook man himself; Facebook Groups and Communities ARE the future. So, if you are building a network marketing business, you want to get in on this. In today’s post I’m going to share with you some of my top Facebook Group Secrets that you can start to implement immediately. These […]

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grow through tough times

3 Ways to Grow Through the Tough Times in Business

As network marketers (and/or entrepreneurs) you will face tough days. Some will be more challenging than others and those who make it through will tell you the good always outweighs the bad . However, when we are faced with the challenges it’s so tempting to just quit. And so in today’s post, I want to […]

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facebook business tool

Facebook as a Business Tool | Attraction Marketing

Many network marketers struggle with finding the right balance when using Facebook as a business tool. One moment they are posting content that lands them GREAT engagement; family pictures life experiences funny memes … and then comes the sales type posts that lands them crickets or engagement from their sponsors or team members. Sure, this […]

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back to school

Back to School and the Impact on your Network Marketing Business

With different schools starting at different times, the back to school shopping season is longer than ever — which gives you plenty of time to cater to this audience. Everyone from parents with young children to college student will be looking for ways to save. And all different types of businesses can share the profits; […]

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using Facebook Live

Is using Facebook Live Necessary for Building a Business?

In short, the answer is ‘no‘. However, the past few years have demonstrated that using Facebook Live has propelled many businesses and brands to incredible success. Here are some of the facts (2019); The Live video view count climbed to 2 billion viewers last year. In 2017, 1 out of every 5 Facebook videos was […]

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serving others

Serving Others is the Ultimate Key to Success in Network Marketing

The problem that most aspiring entrepreneurs face is that they spend too much time focusing on themselves versus other people. The greatest success key in the industry is serving others, first. Instead, many aspiring entrepreneurs or network marketers ask questions like; What do I need to do to become an entrepreneur? How do I need […]

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team motivation

Team Motivation in Direct Sales and Network Marketing

So, you’ve figured out ways and strategies to keep you motivated. But, your team motivation on the other hand is struggling? In today’s post and included video, I am going to share with you 3 ways to help you help your team to work harder. Because like the saying goes; ‘team work makes the dream work’, […]

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Facebook post ideas

5 Facebook Post Ideas To Create Sales | Network Marketing

You’ve launched your business and your goal is to build it using social media. Great! But, is it possible you are not even sure where to start? First I want you to know this — you are not alone! Sure it’s attractive knowing that you can build a successful business right from your phone, right? […]

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