grow your following

Grow your Following in Network Marketing by doing THIS

Whether it be recruiting more efficiently or growing your customer base, knowing how to grow your following is imperative. Especially, if your goal is to build your business primarily online. In this post and included video, my goal is to show you how to do just that with one primary shift. This shift is simply […]

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more friends, followers and sales

How to Get More Friends, Followers and Sales on Facebook | MLM

It’s amazing how ingrained Facebook has become in our lives, right? Personally and professionally; as consumers and as individuals. So in today’s post I want to focus on those of you who are network marketers. Those of you who are building a business using social media. And, you are asking yourself; ‘how do I get […]

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online business is struggling

4 Reasons your Online Business is Struggling | Network Marketing

Many businesses struggle to use social media to generate more revenue. Most know they need to but do not know how. Here are a few of the major reasons that I believe your (as a network marketer) online business is struggling. First and foremost — even before I dive in — becoming successful online takes […]

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network marketers during the holidays

Social Media Marketing for Network Marketers During the Holidays

While some customers continue to shop for the holidays in person, U.S. online spending rose 16.6% in 2018. Once seen as up-and-coming retail holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now seen as the cornerstone of online holiday shopping. Oh, and the numbers prove it. So, how can you make sure that your social media marketing is on […]

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sales in network marketing

3 Solid Tips for Better Sales in Network Marketing

Having sales in network marketing can often, be harder than it looks. However, with the 3 tips I am going to share with you today will help simplify the process. Last year, we did a blog post on the care salesman mentality — THAT is what hurts you and your business. Because, when it comes […]

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customer focus in network marketing

Customer Focus or Recruiting Focus | Which is Better?

When most people join a network marketing company, their focus is almost instantly on ‘who they can sign up’, right? We develop this vision of growing this enormous team of distributors and somehow, the customers are left out of the equation. And so, should it be a customer focus on recruiting focus? How do you […]

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beginner tips

Beginner Tips for Network Marketers just Getting Started

Have you ever asked yourself the following; is it possible for me to actually be successful in this business? The simple answer? YES! I believe 100% that anyone can be successful on social media building a network marketing business. I believe, a lot of it starts with belief. And so, I also believe these beginner tips […]

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competitive advantages Facebook Stories

How to Gain Competitive Advantages using Facebook Stories

Social media is a great tool for building a network marketing business. You’re able to create awareness and get some eyeballs on you, your products and services, and in turn, drive sales. The importance of these 3 goals is growing as more people try to enhance their competitive advantages. Using Facebook Stories is the perfect solution […]

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talk about network marketing

Should you Talk about Network Marketing on Social Media?

Should you talk about network marketing on your social posts? Specifically platforms like Instagram. Facebook and Twitter? If you are, I would love to know more about your strategy there. Because here’s the deal … I LOVE the network marketing profession however, there continues to be (in my opinion) to have huge gaps in the […]

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4 Productivity Tips for Network Marketers

Whether you are a business owner, network marketer or an entrepreneur, productivity is key for your success. Habits, lifestyle, discipline, and technology matter. Many times, we might feel like we’re being productive whereas, if we were tracking it we would likely see the opposite. This is especially prevalent when building a business on social media. […]

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