social media trends

6 Social Media Trends to Keep Watching in 2020

More than 3.2 Billion people are active on social media. How wild is that when you really think about how many people that is? Blows my mind every time, I promise. And so, it’s why it’s always so crazy to me when people say the market is saturated. Because let’s be real, no one has saturated […]

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Ask me Anything Facebook

Ask Me Anything Facebook Recap | Network Marketers

Today’s blog is a little different to keep things relevant for you. Recently, I hosted an Ask me Anything (AMA) Facebook Live for our audience on that platform. This post, will recap some of the questions (and answers) which we know you will find valuable. Don’t forget to leave your questions in the comments and […]

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using video content

Should Network Marketers be Using Video in their Content?

If you are building a business online the short answer is yes; you should be using video in your content. Now, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I love Facebook Live. I think it’s an incredible platform for any business and allows your customers and/or prospects to meet the real you. […]

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standing out in network marketing

Standing Out in Your Network Marketing Company

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘gosh everything feels so saturated’? You scroll your social media newsfeeds and it seems everyone is selling the same products and/or services that you are? You might find yourself wondering how standing out in your network marketing company is even possible! If this sounds at all familiar, this post and video are […]

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feel stuck

Feel Stuck in your Business? Not Growing the way you’d Hoped?

If you’re STUCK, this post is for you. So often, I see entrepreneurs and network marketers spinning their wheels in their business. Many times, when we dig deep there’s more than a ‘system’ that isn’t working for them. They’re frustrated. The common denominator though is that they feel stuck. So let me ask you this […]

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tough truth for network marketers

Tough Truth for Network Marketers … Please Don’t Do This!!

This post will be some tough truth for network marketers. And, although we are doing whatever we can to serve the profession there is still so much work to do! Especially when we are failing to realize that network marketing is not a job, it’s an opportunity. This is doing so much harm to the […]

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Facebook Stories strategy

Creating a Facebook Stories Strategy for your Business

Ah, Facebook Stories. Although in my opinion one of the most underused marketing tools, the growth has not declined since its inception. And, definitely gaining more traction to keep up with its ‘competitors’ like SnapChat and Instagram. So let me ask you this; do you have a Facebook Stories strategy? If not, this is the […]

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increase sales on Facebook

How to Increase Sales when Marketing on Facebook

This post is perfect for you if you are seeking ways to increase your sales while marketing on Facebook. Social media has absolutely become a go-to for massive brands right through to those working from home. We know, that there are millions of people who use Facebook daily and they may just be your ideal […]

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actionable branding

4 Actionable Branding Tips for Today’s Business Owners

Great brands become household names, but they don’t happen overnight. But you have to start somewhere. In today’s post I am going to give you 4 awesome and actionable branding tips to help you start developing your brand. Because, the primary way to stand out from all the noise online is to be you! And, […]

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grow a business on Facebook

How to Grow a Business on Facebook the Right Way

Whether you’re a network marketer looking to grow a team or, a business owner growing a sales team — this is the post for you. Because we know how important social media is for our business, learning to grow a business on Facebook the right way is critical. Think about why you joined Facebook. It’s […]

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