virtual mentor Pastor Craig Life Church

What is a Virtual Mentor and does Everyone Need One?

Have you heard the term virtual mentor before? Now, this can look a little different for some people and in this post I want to shed a little insight. The picture you see above, was taken 5 years ago. Little did I know how big of an impact this man, Pastor Craig would have on my life […]

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make money from home

How to Make Money From Home Using Technology

Given the economic climate at the time of this post, I have to wonder if this has become one of the top searched for things online now; How to make money from home using technology. It may even be how you found yourself here, today. First, I would love to share with you some of the […]

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creating memories

Take this Chaos and Create Meaningful Memories Instead

Now that we’re all living in a world of chaos, workers and students are home, businesses are closed and events are cancelled … A lot of parents (and others) are wondering what they can do! It’s going to be important to create new routines and create meaningful memories to spend these long days at home. The following […]

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make an impact online

How You Can Make An Impact Online

You might not be selling your products or services online or trying to attract global customers, but as an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of making an impact online. Still, many entrepreneurs do not understand the growing importance of a strong online presence. Often, they underestimate the potential it has in attracting […]

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amidst a global crisis

Growing a Business with Grace Amidst a Global Crisis

Should I be trying to grow my business amidst a global crisis? My simple answer is this, YES! However, I do believe there are right and wrongs ways of doing so. And quite frankly, I have seen enough sleazy content out there that I felt compelled to speak on it. Because listen, as a community of business […]

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doubled my engagement

How I DOUBLED my Engagement using Stories in 14-Days

Let’s talk about Facebook Stories and, how I doubled my engagement in only 14-days. See, I’ve been using both Facebook and Instagram stories for some time now. And, although I don’t claim to have it all figured out, right now I definitely know what’s working. So, today’s the day I want to share that with you! […]

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social media trends

6 Social Media Trends to Keep Watching in 2020

More than 3.2 Billion people are active on social media. How wild is that when you really think about how many people that is? Blows my mind every time, I promise. And so, it’s why it’s always so crazy to me when people say the market is saturated. Because let’s be real, no one has saturated […]

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Ask me Anything Facebook

Ask Me Anything Facebook Recap | Network Marketers

Today’s blog is a little different to keep things relevant for you. Recently, I hosted an Ask me Anything (AMA) Facebook Live for our audience on that platform. This post, will recap some of the questions (and answers) which we know you will find valuable. Don’t forget to leave your questions in the comments and […]

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using video content

Should Network Marketers be Using Video in their Content?

If you are building a business online the short answer is yes; you should be using video in your content. Now, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I love Facebook Live. I think it’s an incredible platform for any business and allows your customers and/or prospects to meet the real you. […]

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standing out in network marketing

Standing Out in Your Network Marketing Company

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘gosh everything feels so saturated’? You scroll your social media newsfeeds and it seems everyone is selling the same products and/or services that you are? You might find yourself wondering how standing out in your network marketing company is even possible! If this sounds at all familiar, this post and video are […]

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