Facebook memories

Create New Content Using Your Facebook Memories

As you know, social media and attraction marketing are big components of what I teach network marketers. At the root of marketing — social media or otherwise, you find content. And, what I have learned over the years from clients it that finding content has been STRUGGLE. So, in this post I want to share with […]

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Facebook Comments and Engagement

How to Boost your Facebook Comments and Engagement in 2021

Ever feel like there’s no way you can build a business on Facebook because it’s already saturated in your niche? Maybe you feel like it’s the same people, all the time without anyone new? Perhaps you feel like the algorithm hates you and engagement is just awful and it isn’t going to get better. Be […]

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motivational quotes that inspire you

10 Quotes To Inspire And Motivate You

Quotes can be an amazing tool to help motivate and inspire you. You can use them to guide your decision making in business and home life (and all things in between). I notice OFTEN on Facebook, for example, that we are completely surrounded by quotes to inspire and motivate us. Big company brands are using […]

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lack of confidence

7 Steps to Overcome Your Lack of Confidence in Network Marketing

Lack of confidence. This might be something you tell yourself, or it is possible you’ve heard it from someone else. Either way, know this – your posture and your confidence are huge factors in the network marketing industry. Whether it’s when you are introducing a product, or service and even more so a business opportunity, […]

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leveraging the comment section

Find your Next Customer by Leveraging the Comment Section

You are building a business using social media — GREAT! So before we dive in to this post … you want to download my ‘cheat sheet‘ on 11 Places to Find your Next Customer on Social Media … trust me. OK, now that we have that out of the way in this post I am […]

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top apps for network marketers

Top Apps for your Social Media Business in 2021

Mobile apps are changing the way we do business. And let’s be real — there are SO many of them to choose from. Unfortunately because of so many choices, I often found myself trying out ones that quite frankly, didn’t fit my business. Additionally, the productivity declined because it was as if I was spending […]

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How to add value inside Facebook Groups Network Marketing

How to Add Value Inside Facebook Groups

If you participate in any groups, you surely know that some people add value inside Facebook groups while others … not so much. Since you are reading this post, you are probably the type of person who wants to add as much value as possible. Not surprisingly, the habits of people who consistently add value […]

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overthinking in network marketing

5 Strategies to Stop Overthinking in your Business

‘If you’re overthinking, you’re not doing’. As entrepreneurs and network marketers, our minds are always going. We’re thinking of new ideas, opportunities, next steps, etc. And while we’re ‘thinking’ of all of these things — think about all of the time that we’re not ‘doing’. Do you ever feel like you get caught up in […]

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content marketing in network marketing

6 Steps to Develop a Content Marketing Outline Overnight

The days of simply throwing a post up on social media are long over. We no longer, can (or should) create a business or product post and expect people to flock to us ready to buy. In fact, stats tell us that buyers today need about 7 exposures before they make a purchase. And, this […]

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your next customer on social media

Where to Find your Next Customer using Social Media

If you are in business, you know that customers are one of your best assets. And, if you are in network marketing, much of residual income is built in your customer base. So I found it important to focus on how to attract (and find) your next customer using social media. Before we dive in, […]

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