month end business

Month End Business Tips for Network Marketers

Are you in the network marketing profession and you are getting ready to close your month? This post is going to help you going into month end of your business without being ‘spammy Pammy‘. You see, when you close your month with wild sales or desperate posts (you know the ones) .. you are burning […]

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dream life

3 Ways Network Marketing can help you Build your Dream Life

The first time I thought about my dream life, I was blown away. It’s a simple concept but not always easy to decipher by any means. To describe my dream life goes against the decades of what society has taught me. Truth is, I think more entrepreneurs feel that way. Go against the grain. To […]

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fake it until you make it

Should you Fake it until you Make it in Network Marketing?

Transparency is the new currency. If you want use social media to grow your business, you need to be you. ‘Fake it until you make it’ is not a new expression. I’m sure most have heard it, and plenty have said it. The objective is to fake confidence, so that eventually you will become confident. […]

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Facebook Tips for Network Marketing

6 Facebook Tips for Network Marketing on Social Media

If you are a network marketer and, haven’t unlocked the social media world yet – this post is for you.  In this post, and included video, I will cover 6 of my CRAZIEST Facebook tips for Network Marketing. Remember, like any tip, in order for them to work you need to actually take action on […]

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struggle network marketing

The Struggle is all part of the Deal in Network Marketing

The struggle is part of being a business owner and/or network marketer. It should be a struggle to achieve something big. And, should be really, really hard. No one prepares you that there will be a high chance of failure, and it will be really stressful. There are going to be many times when you […]

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signing new customers

3 Phases for Signing New Customers and Clients | Network Marketing

After spending the last 12+ years in the network marketing space and previously, a psychology major I want to share some insight with you today. Specifically on what I believe the 3 phases are, of signing new customers into your business. This can also include; clients, distributors or otherwise. Please note, these 3 phases are […]

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network marketing beginner online

6 Tips for a Network Marketing Beginner Online

Congratulations! You have found your way into one of the most powerful industries in the world (in my own humble opinion of course). Chances are you aren’t totally sure what you got into, but you’re excited. And, you should be! This post is geared towards a network marketing beginner online. Now, beginner can take on […]

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grow your following

Grow your Following in Network Marketing by doing THIS

Whether it be recruiting more efficiently or growing your customer base, knowing how to grow your following is imperative. Especially, if your goal is to build your business primarily online. In this post and included video, my goal is to show you how to do just that with one primary shift. This shift is simply […]

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more friends, followers and sales

How to Get More Friends, Followers and Sales on Facebook | MLM

It’s amazing how ingrained Facebook has become in our lives, right? Personally and professionally; as consumers and as individuals. So in today’s post I want to focus on those of you who are network marketers. Those of you who are building a business using social media. And, you are asking yourself; ‘how do I get […]

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online business is struggling

4 Reasons your Online Business is Struggling | Network Marketing

Many businesses struggle to use social media to generate more revenue. Most know they need to but do not know how. Here are a few of the major reasons that I believe your (as a network marketer) online business is struggling. First and foremost — even before I dive in — becoming successful online takes […]

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