Balance your Business

3 Ways to Balance your Business and your Family

Having your own business is much like having a new baby. You bring it to life, you spend time nurturing, making time, asking yourself if you’re doing everything right, and so on. And it doesn’t stop there either, right? Being an entrepreneur is incredibly demanding and many people (if not most of us) find ourselves […]

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relationship marketing

Relationship Marketing: The Most Overlooked yet Necessary Skill

Just about everything is out in the open when it comes to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. People are being much more open, right? Consumers are sharing large amounts of information about themselves online, and as an entrepreneur, you can use that in creative and respectful ways to actually reach out and create new relationships […]

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grow your influence and impact on social media

Social Media| Grow your Influence & Impact so People Buy from you

It is no secret that establishing an online presence is so important for any business. Regardless of the niche and/or industry you are in, learning how to grow your influence and impact is necessary. Even if we consider the largest brands in the world; Apple, Amazon, Nike, Starbucks, Home Depot and so on, they ALL […]

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increase engagement on social media

5 Social Media Post Ideas to Increase Engagement

Are you struggling with content ideas? Or, perhaps you have some great ideas but they’re not working the way you had hoped to increase engagement? In this post I am going to give you 5 social media post ideas that will help you in both areas. These are ones that I personally use, with success, […]

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leverage Facebook groups

How to Leverage Facebook Groups for your Business

If you have ever wondered how to leverage Facebook groups for your business, you’re in the right spot. This post is geared towards leveraging existing groups — that you do not admin. The goal is never to spam those groups but instead, use them as a great opportunity to share your expertise. If you manage […]

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new conversations

How to Start New Conversations with Prospects on Facebook

When you are actively building a business, its success can often be directly related to the number of people you are speaking to. And, we know from many of our clients that starting new conversations can be tough. Specifically, new conversations on Facebook. You might find yourself stuck in wondering how to open these conversations […]

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motivational quotes

Motivational Quotes are Hurting your Social Media Business

Whether you are brand new to entrepreneurship or not so much —  this post is for you. I need you to know, that motivational quotes are potentially hurting your social media business. See, as a leader (or aspiring one) your job is to motivate others, right? Well yes, sort of. You see, if I’m being […]

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start an online business from home

How to Start an Online Business from Home for Impact

The online world is incredible, isn’t it? It affords everyone the ability to start an online business from home with very little overhead. Whether it’s a tangible product or a digital one — we all have the same opportunity. My wife and I have been working from home for 13+ years now. Although our paths […]

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talking yourself out of sales

3 Key Ways for you to Stop Talking Yourself out of Sales

Many people in a ‘sales’ type role, feel that selling is about talking, presenting and persuading rather than about listening and asking the right questions. In fact, chances are you may even be one of those entrepreneurs talking yourself out of sales. Let me explain a bit more … Right now, you may be thinking, […]

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overcoming perfectionism

How to Overcome Perfectionism in Business

If you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself comparing yourself to others — especially on social media. Unfortunately what that led me to was this need for perfectionism. Whether it be from the number of people in my niche I was following and compared their strengths to my weaknesses or, the fear of delegating certain […]

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