Easy Time Management Tips | Business

How important is your time? My guess would be, very. It’s possible you find yourself wishing there were more hours in a day, right? Especially when it comes to balancing your existing schedule, and your network marketing business. This post will leave you with some easy time management tips, specifically, for the network marketing professional. […]

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targeted audience

How to Start Growing a Targeted Audience Online

Vanity metrics; where you get caught up in the numbers of followers, subscribers and fans you have. Whereas, I would like to suggest to you that you instead focus on a targeted audience because this is actually what will help grow your business. Quality over Quantity   In this post (and YouTube video that you […]

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customer loyalty

Loyalty is Earned through Effective Relationship Marketing

Most network marketers, are familiar with the term relationship marketing (or are becoming to be). This type of marketing is a personal or emotional connection to a brand.  This type of connection is centred on trust and, trust in you and trust in a product or service. And, as we know, where there is trust loyalty […]

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asking questions on social media

Increase Engagement on Social Media by Asking Questions

As a follow up from a past post called; 25 Writing Prompts for Telling your Personal Story this blog is along the same lines. Instead, this one is designed to help increase your engagement through asking questions (oh, and the right ones). We know that posts on social media that call for an opinion or perspective […]

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imposter syndrome network marketing

Do you Suffer from Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is that overwhelming feeling that you don’t deserve success. It can convince you that you’re not talented, intelligent or creative enough. You can also relate it to the fear of success, fear of failure or even, self-sabotage. Typically, imposter syndrome shows its ugly head at the start of success; starting a new business […]

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repurpose content on social media

4 Quick Ways to Repurpose your Social Media Content

Are you looking to get more out of your social media content? One of the more common questions I’m asked about is ‘should I be on other platforms other than Facebook?’ My answer to this is typically — no. Let me explain; too often, people have enough trouble staying consistent on one platform so adding another […]

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struggling in your business

The Primary Reason you are Struggling in your Business

If I asked you; ‘what is the primary reason you are struggling in your business‘, what would you say? Some of the most common answers have included — not enough time, lack of people to talk to, finances, etc. However, what if I told you that it’s more than likely the content you are putting […]

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tell better stories on social media

3 Ways to Tell Better Stories on Social Media

You’ve heard it plenty of times before … facts tell stories sell. And yet, so many online entrepreneurs continue to miss the mark on this one. In this post, you can expect to learn 3 ways to tell better stories on social media … because, people want to know you. People buy from others they feel […]

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Facebook loves most

Which Style of Posts is it that Facebook Loves the Most?

Here’s what we know about what Facebook loves; the algorithm will prioritize ‘meaningful interactions‘ from friends and family over content from brands. It has become harder than ever to get your organic content the screen time it deserves. And yet, there are clear studies that tell us what Facebook loves the most but are you […]

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building relationships on social media what they don't telll you

Building Relationships | What they don’t tell you

Human beings are naturally social creatures, right? We crave friendships and positive interactions, similar to the way we do with things like food and water. So, it makes sense that the better our relationships are the happier and more productive we’re going to be. However, there is much more to building relationships than a cold […]

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