motivational quotes on social media

Stop Sharing Motivational Quotes on Social Media

Think about the last time you scrolled your newsfeed. How many quotes did you come across? I would guess a WHOLE lot! And although inspirational and motivational quotes can be great, they can also hurt your brand. Before you start freaking out, I post them often — so you will want to keep reading. There are some great quotes […]

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social media recruiting tips

Social Media Recruiting Tips for Network Marketing

If you are a network marketer and want to succeed, you must master how to sponsor, build, and grow your business. And since you are more than likely using online strategies to build your business. This is the post for you! But, first, I will share some social media recruiting tips for this fabulous industry. […]

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Facebook Stories Features

Maximizing the Stories Features on Facebook

Facebook Stories likely started to feel like ‘one more thing’ to learn, right? Well, here’s the good and bad news. It is one more thing to remember (bad news); yes, it is worth it (good news). In this post, I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to help take the pain out of Facebook Stories Features […]

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more engagement on your Facebook content

3 Simple Principles to Get More Engagement on Facebook

I don’t need more engagement on Facebook – said no one ever! Everyone loves engagement, and the more –, the better primarily because we can make a loose parallel that more engagement could equate to more sales. This goes for anyone in any industry. Significantly, however, in network marketing. More engagement on posts helps with […]

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feeling insecure in business

Feeling Insecure or Lacking Posture in your Conversations?

When first starting, just about every network marketer we know has suffered from feeling insecure.  Sure, you’re running a business now, but it’s possible it doesn’t feel like a real business. Perhaps you find yourself staring at your starter package or computer screen, wondering, what next? Or, what did you get yourself into? How you feel about […]

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avoid desperate sounding content

How to Create Curiosity Posts without Sounding Desperate

When it comes to posting on social media, as a network marketer, you know that being able to create engaging posts is critical. And this can be easier said than done. You may have thought that just posting your product or service was enough.Everyone would be running your way with a credit card in hand. […]

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killer content ideas

5 Places to Find Killer Content Ideas for Social Media

We will all come across a time when we run out of content ideas. I can think of days I would scroll through everything I had, and nothing felt like it fit. Sound at all familiar? The creative brain shuts down and finds yourself in a content slump. This post will help remedy that slump […]

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Have you Considered the Benefits to Personal Branding?

I’ve been in and around the network marketing industry for about 15+ years. My wife Dani and I started as distributors in a company where we saw some great success (eventually!), and now, I’ve been coaching in the space for about seven years. So, why personal branding? Anybody who works as a network marketer knows […]

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creative content for network marketers

12 Creative Content Ideas your Audience will Love

Creative content or engaging content is where most network marketers struggle in building their businesses on social media. And content that delivers value and creates curiosity in an audience is critical. As a result, I have compiled a massive list of creative content ideas you can implement into your social media and content strategy. Now, […]

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social media storytelling

Step-By-Step Social Media Storytelling

(Updated July 2022) Seth Godin says marketing is “the art of telling a story that resonates with your audience and then spreads.” And, what we know in the network marketing profession is stories ‘sell,’ right? However, the art of social media storytelling goes well beyond the home-based business scope — it’s business, period. Good business, […]

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