6 Places to Create a New Relationship on Social Media

In this blog, I’m going to dive into the obvious and not so obvious ways to find your next relationship (business wise) on social media. Additionally, how to approach them. Because here’s the deal … the MOST common obstacle for people, is recruiting new prospects. I often hear dialogue that includes things like, ‘There is no one […]

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talking yourself out of sales

3 Key Ways for you to Stop Talking Yourself out of Sales

Many people in a ‘sales’ type role, feel that selling is about talking, presenting and persuading rather than about listening and, asking the right questions. In fact, chances are you may even be one of those entrepreneurs talking yourself out of sales. Let me explain a bit more … Right now, you may be thinking, […]

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competitive advantages Facebook Stories

Gain Competitive Advantages using Facebook Stories

Social media is a great tool for building a network marketing business. You’re able to create awareness and showcase your brand, your products, your services, and in turn, drive sales. The importance of these 3 goals is growing since more people try to enhance their competitive advantages. Using Facebook Stories is the perfect solution in my […]

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meaningful conversations

How to have Meaningful Conversations in Messenger

Think about the number of conversations you have in a day. Now, think about how many of those are meaningful conversations. This post is geared to those already having consistent conversations (which we should all be doing!). Whether they be cold market or warm – you will want to dive into this one. Because let’s be honest, […]

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shorten your learning curve network marketing

Top 8 Ways to Shorten your Learning Curve

I remember when my wife Dani and I first joined network marketing (ah feels like FORVER ago!). We thought, how hard could this be, right? Well … then reality struck. I remember thinking to myself, of course everyone will want in on this. This is going to be easy. And, this isn’t because either one […]

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Black Friday sales for network marketing

What NOT to do for Black Friday in your Business

Probably the biggest shopping day in the United States is Black Friday. It’s the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving. Typically, this day involves some pretty crazy discounts and deals, many of which can be seen to start earlier that week. We see this same process happen a lot in most product and/or service based […]

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Easy Time Management Tips | Business

How important is your time? My guess would be, very. It’s possible you find yourself wishing there were more hours in a day, right? Especially when it comes to balancing your existing schedule, and your network marketing business. This post will leave you with some easy time management tips, specifically, for the network marketing professional. […]

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targeted audience

How to Start Growing a Targeted Audience Online

Vanity metrics; where you get caught up in the numbers of followers, subscribers and fans you have. Whereas, I would like to suggest to you that you instead focus on a targeted audience because this is actually what will help grow your business. Quality over Quantity   In this post (and YouTube video that you […]

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customer loyalty

Loyalty is Earned through Effective Relationship Marketing

Most network marketers, are familiar with the term relationship marketing (or are becoming to be). This type of marketing is a personal or emotional connection to a brand.  This type of connection is centred on trust and, trust in you and trust in a product or service. And, as we know, where there is trust loyalty […]

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asking questions on social media

Increase Engagement on Social Media by Asking Questions

As a follow up from a past post called; 25 Writing Prompts for Telling your Personal Story this blog is along the same lines. Instead, this one is designed to help increase your engagement through asking questions (oh, and the right ones). We know that posts on social media that call for an opinion or perspective […]

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