Black Friday sales for network marketing

What NOT to do for Black Friday in your Business

Probably the biggest shopping day in the United States is Black Friday. It’s the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving.

Typically, this day involves some pretty crazy discounts and deals, many of which can be seen to start earlier that week. But, of course, we see this same process happen a lot in most product or service-based companies t00 — After all, why wouldn’t it happen, right?

Now, please understand this next point very clearly.


This does not mean you permit yourself to turn Social Media into a spam fest for the week leading into Black Friday! We have worked so hard to ‘do’ social media that right way to let it fall by the wayside.

And for whatever reason, this holiday has people forgetting the long-term game. So I want you to think about this for a moment: interactions, NOT Transactions.

As an example for those who are network marketers, Last year, there were a reported 18.2 million people in the United States who were involved in Network Marketing. Let’s assume that 50% of those people use Facebook for their business.

This would mean that 9.1 million people are sharing the same deals you are on social media.


But somehow, you expect that your posts will stand out among the rest? I can almost guarantee you they won’t. It is not because it isn’t a great sale – I’m sure it is, but all you are doing is blending in with everyone else who has these great sales too.

Instead of attracting new customers or prospects, you may repel them (ah, we don’t know that!). But spam has a habit of doing that.

And yes, posting your sales repeatedly on your timeline is spam.

Something to consider about that is that if you have people unfollowing you this week and Black Friday, you can’t assume they will go back to following you once it’s over.

The good news, though, is that this can all be avoided.

In this post, I want to share with you some surefire ways to gain traction and attention using methods that will work more effectively than turning your timeline into a billboard.

Black Friday Sales


Top 3 Black Friday Tips to Consider (and Apply)


#1 Connect with your existing customers


The most common trend in Black Friday is the retail or preferred customer (VIP, etc.) sales. It is less about the representative (joining you in business, for example). Now, this doesn’t mean your existing customer won’t want to transition to be a distributor or part of your sales team, but the deals are much more customer-focused.

Knowing this, connect with your existing customers.

This could be picking up the phone and calling them – always start with ‘thank you for being a loyal customer or ‘I’ve appreciated your business. Refrain from letting the common courtesy vanish from your vocabulary.

Or, if you choose to send them a text or a message online, ensure it is personalized. This is not the time or place to pick up a copy-and-paste message (again). This message might look/sound similar to the example above during your phone call. Always start with gratitude.

Once you’ve thanked them (in your wording, of course), lead into something like — ‘I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and in case you were doing any Black Friday shopping, we have …’. Be familiar with what they ordered last time from you and lead with that if possible.

For example: Let’s assume you are a makeup distributor, ‘remember that lip stain you ordered from me before for $20.00? Well, on Black Friday, it’s on for half price! I wanted to ensure I mentioned it since I know you love it.

Remember, you want to stand out from others, so you must go the extra mile.

#2 Follow up with potential prospects/customers


While everyone else is blasting their timelines with the ‘hottest Black Friday deals, be the one who reaches out personally to potential prospects and customers. Make a note of previous conversations you have had and touch on those points. Remember, though, to stay genuine and authentic in these conversations.

Perhaps they were asking you about an anti-aging cream, and you know that this Black Friday, it goes on sale for 40% OFF; mention that. Treating these conversations could dictate whether it’s a no-sale, a one-time sale or a lifetime customer.

Keep that in mind. 

#3 Go Live without mentioning Black Friday



Create content for Facebook Live that does not speak about your company’s sales, deals, etc. Consider talking about Thanksgiving or what you have planned for the holidays.

Talk about a vacation you are planning or your favorite kind of pie. Host a cooking demo or a read-along of your favorite book. The point is, do something unrelated to Black Friday.

Look at this Facebook Live like any other day. Exciting content, engaging, something you are passionate about, etc. Whether this is your first Live or your 1000th — This will have you standing out among a timeline full of ‘advertising.’

Now, you might be thinking, ‘how will I make sales on Black Friday if I’m not talking about it?!’

The answer is this; relationships will win every time. Black Friday – or any sale day for that matter, should never trump that. People like to be treated as people, not sales figures.

Bonus Tip: Commit now to doing regular stories or reels on Facebook and Instagram. We know these are being favored in the newsfeeds, and you deserve to be there! Need help with stories? Plenty of time to complete my 12-day stories challenge and consider it a gift that keeps on giving!

The extra few minutes it will take you to reach out personally will make all the difference in the world.
Lastly, I would love it if you took a moment to leave your feedback and takeaways in the comments below. I hope that you found some value that translates into your business.

How are you preparing for Black Friday?

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