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1 Secret Tip to Achieve Better Retention in Network Marketing

If you are adding distributors/customers to your organization and, losing them just as quickly, this blog is for you. See, we should all be striving for better retention. And, maybe that’s easier said than done, right? However, today I am going to share with you my top secret to achieve better retention in your network marketing business.

Retention is the foundation. It’s the loyalty you create within your customer base or team culture. These are the people who reorder month after month and rarely quit your organization.

The reality is, we are often the ones at fault that cause the poor retention. Now, you might be asking how someone quitting your team has anything to do with you — and you might be surprised by my answer. The good news is, although you may be surprised it is something you can correct immediately.

Truth is, more often than not we don’t realize the effect certain behaviors cause among our recruitment thus, our retention.

1 Secret Tip for Better Retention in Network Marketing

Think about the last person you recruited into your business. Did you sell them on a part-time business or a side hustle/side gig? We think using words like ‘gig’ and ‘hustle’ attract the right people but here’s the deal … this actually attracts people who may not be ready for a business.

Because the words don’t carry the same weight as business when it comes time to put in the work, it’s not always there. Why? Because you’ve sold them on it being a side gig — not a business or career.

Network marketing is an incredible industry but it’s not the lottery.

We get out what we put in.

So, do yourself a favor and stop selling your business short.

In fact, you may find you are attracting far more quality people to your business when they see the seriousness, vision and potential. Sure it’s nice to recruit a steady flow of people but, when you are building for the long-term how effective is a revolving door?

Better retention in our businesses starts from the foundation. I get it, there will always be people who decide owning a business isn’t for them — and that’s OK. However, what’s important is that we paint a clear picture from the beginning. There is lot’s of room for fun, freedom and travel as long as we allow time for the work involved.

There are 2 more great tips I included in the video above — you will want to check them out! If this was valuable share it with your teams and let me know what else as profession we can do, to create better retention.


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