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Social Media is the Best Tool for Network Marketing And Here’s Why

Let’s take a journey back in time. When companies like Amway and Avon first started, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram didn’t exist. Distributors and consultants were forced to utilize strategies like home parties and meetings. Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but there were no options. You were limited (to some degree) to hot and warm market, and not having the ability to branch out more than that, without hard work, and time. Fast forward. Social media is the best tool for network marketing, in my opinion.

What do you think? Agree with that statement?

Or think,Coach Fryer, I’m not so sure… (yet).

Think of your reach. Imagine the amount of people you can truly connect with, reach out to, expose to your product or service – the possibilities are endless, literally, however, it is also a tool for network marketing

A skill, that anyone can learn, but doesn’t always come naturally.

A skill, that in some cases, companies or otherwise, isn’t spoken about – they stay traditional, familiar, and that’s fine – but my question is why?

Why stay in the past, when social media can be the best tool for network marketing, and direct sales companies.

Picture this, years ago, without tools like social media, distributors (or reps) would work through their warm markets from their living rooms, and then have to move on to presenting to a handful of a strangers at a meeting or coffee shop (if they were lucky to get them to come). Now, you can have those same parties and have them presented to the masses, by way of something we now call, the ‘share’ button.

In an interview I read that Jordan Adler did (author of Beach Money) he talked about how he his success in the network marketing space. It really boiled down to a numbers game. His theory was, host hundreds of meetings, and he knew, that 1 out of 25 people that he met with, would join him in business. And, having said that, of the thousands of people who joined him in business, a. handful of them helped him go on to build substantial wealth.

Now imagine, he did this, for the most part offline. Imagine the time, and although a lucrative sacrifice, but a sacrifice no less, that he was away from friends or family, things that we want to continue to enjoy and spend time with. Making a time commitment to our business is one thing, but the travel time associated with meetings and so on, eats up any allotted personal time.

So, let me reiterate – social media is the best tool for network marketing.

Consider this, if you born anywhere after say, 1970, it’s likely that you are connected to at least 90% of people you now through some type of social media account. These might include;

  • Facebook best tool for network marketing
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

….and definitely not limited to! And the great news about this? is the same can be said about their networks. Forget six degrees of separation, social media has changed the game on that one! Not only in this scenario are you connected to 90% of your network, but now 90% of their networks too. Imagine the potential when the best tool for network marketing, is applied properly.

Let’s have a look at a few things, that you can do, starting today, to leverage social media in your network marketing business.

  1. Have access to, and share with others – training, resources, strategies, etc.
  2. Connect with dozens of new people, every single day.
  3. Utilize tools like graph search, or Facebook Live to attract new customers.
  4. Connect with communities of other like minded people, and experts who want to see you, succeed.
  5. Host a Facebook Party and open it to the public to participate
  6. Create a Giveaway for your product or service.

Social media is potential the best thing to have ever happened to the Network Marketing space. It is up to you to maximize its benefits, and start applying the skills today!

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