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Being Authentic In Network Marketing And Direct Sales

It’s possible that you are aware of a lot of the negativity that is associated with network marketing. Now, this post has nothing to do with the stigma’s attached. Instead, it has to do with what you can do, proactively to avoid many of them. You join a company, you love the products and you have committed to working it as a business. Why along the way do so many people forget who they are? Being authentic in network marketing should not be a novelty.

It should be the standard.

When we spoke about relationship marketing recently, one of the points we touched on was being authentic. And frankly, I felt it necessary to elaborate on that point. It simply isn’t happening enough. I can appreciate when people become excited, and they want to be coachable so they start to mimic other leaders or teammates – and that’s one thing. But, don’t lose who you are along the way.

We know that network marketing is a relationship business. Sure, there’s a side to sales (sharing products or services), but the model itself is set up to be word of mouth marketing. Having the ability to share with others we know (or getting to know),  make a sale, and make some money.

We also know that ultimately, people join people. But if you aren’t being yourself, who the heck are they joining?

What Does Being Authentic Mean? being authentic

Merriam-Webster defines authentic as a quality of being genuine and worthy of belief. Hence, a person who is completely trustworthy is deemed to be authentic. Yet to be genuine requires a certain transparency, whereby others can witness the unfiltered personality, without any masking.

Being authentic means being in line with whatever message it is that you are sharing. If you are talking about financial freedom and you don’t have it (yet), you should be talking about how you are working toward it and what you are learning instead of trying to make people think that you already have it.

Social media has become a dangerous playground for deciphering what is real and what isn’t. Your prospects and customers, deserve the truth as much as you do. In fact, to some degree it may even make you more relatable. Using third party is a skill that should be learned and taught early – that way, if you require assistance, especially in the financial arena – you have it.

Keep in mind, being authentic doesn’t need to mean sharing your life story. In fact in our free Facebook community we speak about the importance of sharing the positivity first and foremost.

Informercials Aren’t Authentic!

What this also means is not becoming an informercial all over everyone’s timeline. Because here’s the thing … you will gain more through being genuine and authentic in your personal conversations than you ever will spamming the news feed.

I promise.

When you are talking to people on messenger or direct messages – connect with another human being and be genuine in your writing. This includes any other communications as well. The more that you do this, the more people will know, like and trust you. We all know that these are the people that we love to do business with.

That is how your business will be helped – by being authentic.

Think of the last conversation you had with someone that was new to you, and they may have sent you a pitch or a link. How did that make you feel? Did you even respond? Perhaps you said something along the lines of ‘no thanks not interested‘. Now think about if that person had appreciated you as a person. Chances are you would have at the very least, been open to a conversation. And fair enough, it may not have ever led anymore – but you wouldn’t have been on the defence right away either.

Is Your Authenticity Lost?

Hate to call you out here, but do yourself a favor and really think about how you have been interacting with people. Were you simply connecting with them to make a sale – or were you looking to initiate a relationship. A genuine conversation. We have to give people enough credit – they see, like we do, through smoke and mirrors.

They deserve better.

In addition to the initial interaction, be sure to maintain being authentic with that person. It isn’t a one time deal. And the best part? This isn’t a skill you can be taught – because guess what? It’s who YOU are!

Be the best version of yourself.

Four Things That Authentic People Do

  1. Authentic people accept their life experiences and feel the emotions that arise. They don’t repress their feelings and let them fester up.
  2. They are mindful of the energy behind words. And, believe they are worthy of love and peace of mind. They have a healthy approach to life by knowing there will always be naysayers, and frankly, their opinions don’t matter.
  3. They have the courage to live their lives based on what they believe is right. This type of empowerment gives them the inner strength to withstand temptation and build self-confidence.
  4. Authentic people don’t allow their fears to prevent them being themselves. If you, are focused on being true to yourself in every moment, you are less concerned about the potential for rejection from others. Nothing is more liberating than being yourself as fully as you know how.

Being authentic, is a daily practice. It is easy to fall into the excitement and hype of new opportunities and adventures. So, do yourself a favor and be conscious of this – and get back to you. Be true to who you are.

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being authentic