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How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm for Network Marketers

The Facebook algorithm, in the most basic way, is a means to decide the content that a user sees when they login to the social platform. And, too often we see people putting such emphasis on trying to understand it when the reality is .. it’s just not that simple. Additionally, in my opinion if you are building your business from your Facebook personal profile — forget learning how to beat the Facebook algorithm all together.

Let me explain …

Please understand that by saying that it doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to help beat the Facebook algorithm but it’s important to note it is much more complex than a few tweaks.

In fact, even those who study this science — will almost always be a step of two behind it. Always.

So, in this post I’m going to share 3 key things you should be doing to help you get in alignment with what the Facebook algorithm is after.

Personally I believe, algorithm or not, that these are great practices across all personal profile platforms. Thank about it this way; if beating the algorithm could be summed up simply, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Don’t let this discourage you however because, adding these few things WILL give you a competitive advantage.

3 Ways to Beat the Facebook Algorithm for Network Marketers

Network marketing is a brilliant industry, right? And, more recently they are very reliant on social media. Why? Because it’s a great draw! Having the ability to work from your phone, on vacation and frankly, anywhere you want is very attractive. But, we all get a rude awakening when Facebook decides to shake things up a bit and our posts aren’t receiving the same traction as they once were.

The good news about this? It’s not JUST YOU. When Facebook shakes things up everyone experiences the same shifts. Everyone. I hope that leaves you with some peace of mind because rest assured it will be something that continues to happen.

One of the primary reasons in my opinion that things are struggling on the newsfeed is the emphasis put on communities. This is a ‘good problem’ to have. Naturally, we know great culture promotes sales and news business partners — so shifting some of your focus into building solid communities should, be a priority. Many of our clients have seen success with our Facebook Groups course so you may want to check that out if you want to shift that focus.

In the mean time, let’s look at these 3 things to get things moving for you again!

Know your Audience

This strategy will help you determine the content that will resonate and create a positive emotional response. It also ensures you steer clear of posting material that will cause users to lose interest in you and your offering. Demographics are vital to business.

Create a customer avatar sooner than later.

Timing is Important

Another aspect to successful Facebook posting is determining the best time to put your content online. Posting too early or too late does little for your engagement if the audience you’re trying to reach is a middle of the day-type crowd. Be mindful of the time zones you are seeking to attract as well. Find the sweet spot of your day that will encompass your largest demographic and/or falls in good timing coast to coast.

Increase your Interactions

Who your audience is carries some weight as to how this works out. But, the key points that will help you deliver on what the Facebook algorithm is seeking;

  1. Create posts that start a conversation, whether it’s a trending topic or one that is unique to your audience base.
  2. Share content that elicits emotions or is relatable to your audience.
  3. Seek out feedback on ideas, products, or services (polls are great for this!)
  4. Create Facebook groups that align with your focus.
  5. Make sure your posts contain components that draw attention and are worth responding to — live video, vivid, high-quality images, authentic, original content.

And, as a bonus to this one tip — engage back. Never get ‘too busy’ that you no longer have time to love your audience. This extra mile goes a long way and helps create a sustainable, reliable and caring business.

Would you like more Facebook algorithm tips like these? Let me know in the comments — I have a few more I would love to share with you!

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