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Back to School and the Impact on your Network Marketing Business

With different schools starting at different times, the back to school shopping season is longer than ever — which gives you plenty of time to cater to this audience. Everyone from parents with young children to college student will be looking for ways to save.

And all different types of businesses can share the profits; whether you’re beauty consultant, clothing boutique, toxic-free products, or service provider.

A Few Ideas to Attract Shoppers your Way!

Think outside of the box. As I mentioned above, back to school shoppers are looking for ALL sorts of products and services. This obviously includes brick and mortar businesses as well — but network marketers CAN take advantage. It’s all about your positioning.

Think about your products and/or services — who benefits?

Create a profile on how your products can benefit these shoppers during back to school season.

Then, remember I mentioned positioning? Start creating content that revolves around this season. Speak to the parents and the students. Maybe you have the ‘Top 5 Ways to Keep a Dorm Room Cleaner than Ever!’ Or, perhaps you have ‘The Best Essential Oils to Help with Back to School Jitters’. Whatever your product is … reverse engineer the need to the offering.

Back to School Shoppers are Influenced HUGE Online

A recent stat by HubSpot suggests that buyers during this season, are influenced by more than 36% by what they see online. Truth is, a lot of parents would love to stay away from the mall craziness — so create an offer they can’t refuse!

Using emotional buzz words are GREAT for this type of content;

  1. Avoid (the malls)
  2. Comfort (of your own home)
  3. Save (money and time)
  4. Satisfaction (guaranteed)

Remind these prospects that YOU are there for them. Go above and beyond during this season because let’s be real — parents TALK. Wouldn’t it be great to be the topic of (good) conversation in the pick up or drop off lane? Of course it would be!

And, let’s say that maybe they’re not quite ready to buy yet — that’s OK! Because, if you start building this trust, authority and relationship now we know that the holidays are just around the corner.

Back to School Giveaways

Having a giveaway could be an effective way to generate buzz and excitement around back to school. If you have the time and means to do so, consider running a giveaway that you can promote on social media. Using Stories or customer groups are great spots for this too!

Perhaps you could put together a pack consisting of your top back to school products and give it away to people who engage with your content. Get creative.

There are plenty of seasonal giveaways going on right now, use them as inspiration for what to do (or what not to do) for your own business.

Are you taking advantage of the back to school buzz? Let me know what you have found helpful in the comments and be sure to share with those you ‘work’ with who could also benefit!

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