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How to use Attraction Marketing on Facebook

Attraction marketing on Facebook, we get excited when we hear these words!


Well, because they are the reasons we were able to cultivate incredible success using attraction marketing. Much of what we will discuss today can be used across any social media platform. However, with Facebook being our favorite, we will spend more time there.

Let’s cover the basics. What is attraction marketing? Outside of giving you the formal definition, we want to ask you to consider this sentence.

People love to buy, but they do not like to be sold.

And, when we are selling things online there are still those worries from people. They worry their card information will be sold or stolen. Or, they are concerned that they will order something that will never come. Although the world of online selling has become much more than a fad or trend, there is still that stigma.

So, for those who are looking to build or grow their businesses using social media, you do have your work cut out for you. And guess what? That is OK! Because what we really want people to understand is that network marketing is an amazing vehicle for anyone.

Yes, it will take work.

And yes, there will be things along the way that will make you want to quit.

But, when you are equipped with the right tools, strategies and support — magic happens.

Not to mention, we believe that when you become more familiar and as a result more comfortable with attraction marketing on Facebook you will start to wonder what took you so long!

One of the best ways to ‘turn off’ your Facebook audience is to constantly post about your business and how great it is. Whereas, the sad reality is that most people don’t care. They aren’t interested in the company or the products themselves. Only place they start to care, is in the outcome.

Attraction marketing on Facebook is taking the need to buy which already exists, and satisfy that desire by giving the customer what they want.

Let’s focus on the business side of things for a moment. Chances are that you will often strike out when trying to sell someone on the idea of building their own business. Alarming maybe, but this terrifies most people. So, instead of trying to entice them with how ‘awesome it will be’ — show them.

One of the most effective strategies when it comes to attraction marketing on Facebook is the ability to show people what they are ‘missing out on’.

Highlight the things that your business affords you to do — be it time, or income. This might include a trip to a city you have never been, or registering your children for extra curricular activities they have always wanted to do. Believe it or not, these are the things that excite people in the profession more so than any big check.

You are far more likely to attract a mother or father who has not been able to afford those gymnastics with those types of images. We promise.

Attraction marketing is based on the belief that the best promotion for the products you are selling is you.

No matter how dependent (or reliant) we have become on the internet, one fact will always remain: people buy from people. Without fail. Even larger brands who are tapping into the attraction marketing world on Facebook are demonstrating through the engagement with their fans or followers. It is very rarely we will come across a big brand ad on Facebook where someone hasn’t replied or reached out.

And these brands aren’t only engaging when things are good. We see these brands interact with those who have complaints, and responses generally involve suggesting the person reach out to customer service, and in some instances to check their private messages.

We are here to tell you that you can do the same. And, you can do so without becoming a sales person or advertising billboard.

Attraction Marketing on Facebook means Always Leading with Value

There are no exceptions to this — ever. Value can mean so many things;

  1. Tips and Tricks for business
  2. Demonstration of DIY, cooking, or otherwise
  3. ‘How to’ do something

As a personal share, when we started to roll out our attraction marketing strategies, we always lead with something that our audience could benefit from. See, we started to understand who our audience was by doing existing customer profiles, and audience audits.

We did a great post about how to do that which you can find here >> Discover your Audience Profile on Social Media for Network Marketers

The goal was always to give our audience what they wanted. Because remember, the sharing or selling process has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. Knowing who your audience is helps you cater to them.

And here’s the deal — on Facebook people are always sharing their lives with us. Who their families are, what they’re up to, a store they loved or didn’t and the list goes on. Instead of scrolling your newsfeed without purpose, spend some time on your ‘friends’ pages — find the common areas they are talking about or struggling with and deliver.

Then, over deliver.

Humans are so interesting and I heard a great quote once by Gary Vaynerchuck, It went along the lines of people asking why he gives out so much free information and his answer was simple. He said ‘because 99% of the people hearing this information won’t do anything about it anyways‘.

Stop being a vault with your expertise and knowledge.

Show up and show out!

When you start showing people what you are capable of, they translate that to what you can do for them. So if you know that your audience is composed of primary college students — find the need most of them have — and go to town.

Alternatively, if you know your audience is made up of people who are forever complaining about Monday’s, or not enjoying their job — spend more time on home based business side of things.

Lastly, if you know your audience is primarily parents (assuming you are a parent) share the quality time you spend with your children, how you are able to attend school trips and never miss a baseball game.

Whatever the case is — find out who they are and give them what they want. This in turn, will help you attract the right prospects on Facebook through attraction marketing which will ultimately grow your business.

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