attending your network marketing events

6 Reasons you Should be Attending your Network Marketing Events

Are you serious about achieving the top rank in your company? Is it important to you to maximize your income possibilities? If you answered yes to either, or both, of these questions — you need to be attending your network marketing events non-negotiable.

In this blog I am going to share with you 6 reasons I believe you need to be attending events. Believe me that there are many other reasons than what I will dive into today (but we’ll get there!).

Would you be surprised to know that those who attend regular events 10X the ability to earn top tier income? Ever wonder why your upline or sponsor (leadership levels) are at every event?

Pay attention.

Let’s get to it.

6 Reasons you need to be Attending your Network Marketing Events

We’re in a relationship marketing industry, right? Keeping that in mind one of the TOP reasons you should be attending your events is just that — relationship building.

You may have some new people from your team attending their first event and it will be great to help connect them with others they have not met yet. Additionally, you could assist walking them through on what’s going to happen during the event breaks, etc.

We used to love gathering our team for lunch or dinner during that weekend where we would share stories and ideas together. Attending your network marketing events allows you to take your relationships to a deeper level; trust, relatable, energy, and so on.

Who doesn’t love to be celebrated?

Let’s assume that you or members of your team are going to be recognized for your achievements. How powerful is it to;

  1. walk the stage at your company event or,
  2. celebrate those on your team who are being recognized

Powerful … VERY powerful.

Often, these leaders have an opportunity to share a quick nugget with the audience on how they got there — almost always, a common theme. They (and we did too) give credit to events, a power tip they learned from a speaker or leader, and a renewed vision.

Give yourself the opportunity to celebrate!

Attending events keeps you in ‘the know’.

Company events/conventions always unveil something new and exciting at their events, right? Well, it may be additions to a compensation plan or brand new products. Being present at these events gives you the opportunity to get your hands on them before anyone else. Additionally, it allows you to be able to gain first hand knowledge of their release.

In addition to keeping you in the corporate ‘know’, how beneficial would it be for you to have the opportunity to meet, sit with and maybe share some laughs with other leaders?

Never overlook an opportunity to mastermind.

Meeting with leaders in your company is a great time to introduce yourself, get a few key questions answered and while you’re there snap a pic! This can do huge wonders for your team morale and help you solidify being in the right place. Who knows, they may even be open to hopping on a webinar or team call with you in the future and this is far more effective than shooting them a message online.

Last but certainly not least … get EXCITED!

Attending your network marketing events helps light that fire inside of you. It is a chance to reconnect with your vision, get around people who are as excited and committed as you are, and renew your passion for why you got started in the first place. And, this is more than just loud music and great pictures — get excited about where you’re going.

What is the last event you attended? Would love to hear some of the lengths you’ve gone to, to attend your events — or, when is the next one you plan on making — non-negotiable?

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