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Let me know if this sounds familiar to you. You’ve made the connection, used the relationship building strategies, attraction marketing, non invasive follow up, and so on. It’s come time… How confident are you asking for the sale in your network marketing business?  asking for the sale

Butterflies? Nervous Energy? Lack of Confidence? Poor Posture?

Perhaps you just skip it all together.

Let’s look at some ways that can ease this process for you. Have it feel authentic, non ‘salesy’, but direct enough.

By asking the right questions, you can steer the conversation in the right direction and have the prospect focusing on what’s important – a solution.

For the purposes of these examples, we’re considering this from an online perspective – given my specialty, is as your social media upline!

Steps To Asking For The Sale

  1. Establish the relationship beforehand, already familiar with the prospect, using the ideology of F.O.R.M as an example. Knowing your prospect will help establish a timeline – ideal opportunity. So, if you know that Susan typically has dinner at 6:00 p.m. with her family, you probably don’t want to contact her at 6:05 p.m. and wonder why she’s brushing you off.
  2. Show interest in your prospect – their day even. ‘Hey Susan, how was work today?’ Gauge your next move on that response. Become an expert audible caller. If the response is ‘blah, awful, but that’s life’ you will likely take a different approach, share a few laughs even.

If the response is upbeat, match that energy. Share something great about your day – but remember to be genuine, people will read right through you otherwise.

3. Now, let’s assume that Susan, is familiar already with your business, you may have shown her a short video, perhaps sent her some samples, maybe an article or testimony. Now, this is where you want to direct the conversation, it’s almost time for asking for the sale.

Please, do NOT ask ‘So what did you think?’ 

You may as well have not said anything and just thanked them for the small talk. I’ll bet 80% ask the wrong question and then don’t even bother to try asking for the sale afterwards.

When you leave it wide open like that, it’s almost indirectly soliciting a negative response, or one that can be put off to sound like ‘I don’t know, it was fine’. There are a multitude of ‘better’ questions to consider. Let’s have a closer look at those, shall we?

asking for the saleQuestions To Consider When Asking For The Sale

  1. So Susan, did you see a way that you can I could work together?
  2. So Susan, can you picture yourself earning some extra income with this business? (could be a great place to plug in that piece of information they shared with you about goals, dreams, aspirations)
  3. So Susan, I know you’ve been thinking about it. You ready to do this together? Pay off that student debt, take those kids on that Disney vacation, etc. Let’s make it happen.
  4. So Susan, I know you mentioned you loved [insert product] did you want me to make an order for you before you run out?

Okay cool so, how do you want to get started/make the order?

Visa or MasterCard?

Keep it simple. You’ve spent your whole life with people asking you, Visa or MasterCard right? It’s like Paper or Plastic, we have an automatic answer for both because we’ve been basically, programmed. And the good news is, it won’t be an unfamiliar question for your prospect either.

And then, you wait. Learn to be comfortable with silence. I once heard a salesperson say that who ever speaks first ‘loses’ – meaning, if the prospect speaks first, they’re typically ready to buy. We have this habit though as network marketers to ‘oversell’. When there’s silence we feel as though we’ve left something out – need to bombard with more information.

Not necessary.

Because the good news is, even if the response is ‘no’ – it simply means, not right now – and in the mean time you’ve developed a relationship with someone you may not have otherwise.

Asking for the sale in your network marketing business, can actually be easier than making that initial contact with someone, and since you’ve obviously successfully done that (since we’re at the asking for the sale stage) take a breath – let your passion lead you to the right people, and allow your posture to seal the deal. The last thing anyone wants to sound is desperate, and on the same token, don’t be quick to brush someone off either – especially since the intention in the first place was simply to meet new people, and share your opportunity.

Try to remember, you should be very clear on that your prospects are not really focused on the fancy products or the smooth compensation plan; what they want is a solution to their problems. Through your relationship, and ultimately your techniques in putting yourself out there, and asking for the sale, you’re offering them that solution. asking for the sale

Be it through your product or compensation plan, but allow that to be the undertone. The main focus is them, and how you can help. Knowing this, will help take the pressure off asking for the sale.

Build them a dream. Dreams inspire people that in turn, stimulate action.

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